Bring on the Jason Kidd coaching era

Dallas Mavericks 10/20 12:02P Eddie Sefko
Jason Kidd is 48 years old, flecks of gray in his beard and black-framed glasses giving him a distinguished, professorial look. But he’s way younger than that at heart. These days in the NBA, as a coach, that’s mandatory. Rick Carlisle had to think...

New stripe on practice court promotes defensive awareness

Dallas Mavericks 10/18 11:02A Eddie Sefko
A few years ago, the Mavericks and pretty much every other NBA team drew a semicircle on their practice courts a few feet beyond the 3-point arc. The concept was to not only improve their shooters’ range, but also to show just how much stepping...

Jason Kidd gives very high praise to Luka Doncic

Dallas Mavericks 10/17 2:47P Dwain Price
Whenever someone asks to compare a young Jason Kidd to a young Luka Doncic, Kidd is quick to smile and set the record straight . “At 22, he’s way better than I was at that age,” Kidd told Mavs. com. “Do I wish I was Luka? Yes. “I wish I was that...
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