Elliott Erwitt opens at PDNB Gallery Sept. 8th

Art News DFW 7/22 5:59A PDNB Gallery
PDNB Gallery is proud to announce its second solo exhibition for  Elliott Erwitt  (b. Paris, France, 1928). The exhibition will cover iconic works from his Magnum years, including his humorous...

Breaking Down Barriers

Dallas Museum of Art Uncrated 7/20 9:38A Sarah Coffey
It may or may not surprise you to hear that one in five adults in the United States self-identifies as having a disability. At the DMA, we believe that limitations reside not in individuals, but in...

Healthy Tips for People Who Sit at a Desk All Day

Uptown BubbleLife iReporter 7/17 9:00A Riley Heruska
The average American is sedentary for around 7.7 hours a day . That means most of us spend over two full days of each week sitting, driving or lying down. Unfortunately, this has lead to some huge...

Petal To The Metal

Dallas Tidbits 7/17 11:07A amy
You and your mom text 20 times a day, consulting on everything from which milk she should get in her iced macchiato to the shade of Essie that fits your current mood. Meet a mother-daughter duo who...

Identity in Clothing and Objects: New Additions to C3

Dallas Museum of Art Uncrated 7/15 8:15A hayleycaldwell36
Just in time for summer, the Center for Creative Connections welcomed new works into the gallery. Communication will be the continued theme of the space, but recent additions from the DMA’s collection...

Companies That Offer Great Employment Options for Teens

Uptown BubbleLife iReporter 7/13 12:00P Riley Heruska
Once you turn 16 in the state of Texas, you're free to make your own money and start filling your resume with valuable experiences. Our area is booming with new stores and restaurants that are willing...

Dog Breeds That Are Actually Good for People With Pet Allergies

Uptown BubbleLife iReporter 7/13 6:00A Riley Heruska
Here's the thing: some pet owners will claim that their dog is entirely hypoallergenic, but that's actually impossible. No dog is truly hypoallergenic because they all produce some kind of dander....

In-House Promotions at The Dallas Opera

Dallas Opera Blog 7/13 7:30A Suzanne Calvin
MEDIA ALERT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, July 13, 2018 Contact: Suzanne Calvin 214.443.1014   THE DALLAS OPERA IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE PROMOTIONS IN THE ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ~~~~ Drew Field, Dir. of Productions and...

Ten Questions with Three Artists

Dallas Museum of Art Uncrated 7/13 7:15A staceydma
Throughout the summer, the Quad Galleries on Level One will feature two exhibitions drawn from the Contemporary Art collection: Soft Focus and Body Ego . Four of the artists included in these...

How Traveling Can Make You a Healthier Human Being

Uptown BubbleLife iReporter 7/12 12:00P Riley Heruska
For the average American, travel is a luxury. It's something on your bucket list, not a firm plan set in the near future. Additionally, many Americans report that they feel ashamed about taking time...

LeakyCon 2018 Needs You!

I Live in Dallas 7/12 1:41P James D Smithey
Still trying to find a way to attend LeakyCon? This international Harry Potter event will be coming to Dallas next month. Unfortunately tickets have been sold out for almost a year, but there is hope...

Simple Summer Activities That Help Children Learn

Uptown BubbleLife iReporter 7/12 6:49A Dr. Pratiksha Rigley
Summer is a time to slow down, spend time outdoors and have some fun! While this change of pace is an opportunity for families to get more rest and relaxation, its important that children still engage...
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