We looked for organic, nutrient rich baby food to give to our little ones. We looked for fresh healthy flavors. We looked for baby food that we might actually eat ourselves. We didn't find any. So, we decided to make some! We are bringing to you, fresh, organic, homemade baby food. No preservatives, no harmful heating processes, nothing with a shelf life longer than the age of your child! Our food is made as you order it and delivered to your door within 24 hours of its creation. You can feel confident feeding your little one such honest, good food. Our flavor combinations and inventive recipes are so tempting you will want to try them yourself, so just in case you may want to order a few extra jars!
DALLAS, TEXAS, June 06, 2014 – Homemade, fresh, organic baby food is now available for Dallas parents at their doorstep, thanks to the opening of Happy Tummy,...
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