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Renowned nutritionist Lauren Gillan is transforming the way people approach wellness and nutrition, bringing a refreshing, game-changing perspective to the Dallas wellness scene. With a unique blend of fun, entertainment, and solid nutritional science, Lauren is debunking myths and delivering essential health facts in an engaging and accessible manner.

Lauren is not just any nutritionist; she is a dynamic educator dedicated to making wellness both enjoyable and impactful. Her innovative methods and vibrant personality are resonating with the Dallas community, inspiring individuals to take charge of their health in exciting new ways.

Follow @laurentgillan for Wellness Wisdom: Lauren Gillan's Instagram (@laurentgillan) is a treasure trove of wellness wisdom, offering followers daily doses of inspiration, practical tips, and myth-busting insights. From debunking common nutritional myths to sharing delicious, healthy recipes, her content is designed to empower and educate.

Ever heard of ear seeds? Learn about this ancient practice and how it can benefit your health.

Improve digestion and metabolism with five simple tips to eliminate bloating.

Curious about alternatives to counting calories? Discover effective strategies for maintaining a healthy weight without the hassle of calorie counting.

Uncover the truth about food labels and how they can mislead you into consuming unhealthy choices.

Understand the difference between whole, plant-based foods and "plant junk."

Lauren shares all this and much more, including refreshing summer salad recipes and other healthy snacks.

Personalized Services for Your Best Health:- For those looking to take their health to the next level, Lauren offers personalized services tailored to individual needs. Whether you're aiming to improve your diet, manage a health condition, or simply feel your very best, her comprehensive, customized approach ensures that every client receives the support and guidance they need to succeed.

About Lauren Gillan: Lauren Gillan, a Certified Nutritionist specializing in Holistic Healing, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, making her a true expert in promoting a holistic approach to health and wellness. With a rich background as a published author, content creator, public speaker, consultant, and more, Lauren's diverse expertise ensures a well-rounded approach to nutrition and well-being.

Lauren emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between mere weight loss and overall wellness. True health is about achieving your goals in a way that makes you feel great, fostering a state of thriving rather than merely surviving.

Lauren's impressive background includes her work as a published author of "The Clear Skin Detox Diet," developing health and wellness content as a content creator, sharing her expertise at various events and conferences as a public speaker, and consulting for companies like Whole Foods as a nutritionist. She has also designed menus and recipes for restaurants and cookbooks, contributed to numerous publications as a nutritionist and wellness editor, provided nutritional guidance for spas and large food companies, and launched various wellness programs. Additionally, she holds certification as an ear seed specialist.

"Wellness is my passion. I help connect consumers with wellness products and concepts that will help them lead happier, healthier, more radiant lives. In every aspect of my career, whether consulting, copywriting, or creating, I aim to humanize confusing (or boring) concepts and make them approachable, conversational, and even entertaining. Life is too short to be dull." — Lauren Gillan

Lauren's mission is to make wellness accessible and engaging. She strives to demystify complex health concepts, making them easy to understand and fun to implement. Her approach ensures that everyone can benefit from holistic nutrition and wellness strategies.

Lauren works closely with clients who are ready to embrace the transformative power of holistic nutrition. She provides personalized tools and support, meeting clients wherever they are in their wellness journey, and helping them reclaim their health and vitality.

Whether you choose to work directly with Lauren or follow her insightful and entertaining tips on Instagram, you can expect an inspiring and informative journey towards better health. This summer, take the first step towards feeling your best with guidance from Lauren Gillan.



Instagram: @laurentgillan

For more information, or to schedule a personal consultation, visit her website or send her a DM on Instagram.

For media inquiries, contact

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On April 20th, despite the showers, hundreds of steadfast supporters, friends, and fans gathered to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Clotheshorse Anonymous, a pioneer in the Designer Resale movement.

The afternoon unfolded with a dazzling display of iconic fashions spanning five decades, showcased by models in evocative scenes, some playfully using oversized 1980s cell phones and custom CHA newspapers. Crafted and produced by the talented Robyn Chauvin, the models wore designers from Gucci to Chanel and modern day favorites like Loewe and Marni. 

"What a joy it was to create the fashion presentation for the Clotheshorse Anonymous 50th anniversary celebration! It was so special to honor the women who pioneered Dallas’ first luxury consignment shop. They then grew that creative idea into the city’s largest designer resale shop.” - Robyn Chauvin

The striking row of five pedestals lined the runway, leading to a captivating Backstory collage featuring still shots from Clotheshorse Anonymous's illustrious 50-year journey, flanked by two bars. Behind one bar, Top Tier staff served Soccoro Tequila ranch waters, wine, and bubbles, while DJ Jennifer Miller kept the beats alive behind the other. Meanwhile, KimCakes delighted guests with a lavish spread of sweets, including treats adorned with a 1974 photo of founders Jan Kennedy and Nancy Ungerman, who graced the celebration alongside numerous family members.

Other guests included: Kerith Menter-Arvizu, Lyn Berman, Brittanie Buchanan, Brooke Dowdy, Lea Fisher, Kar Garfield, Bret McKinney, Dawn Mellon, Lisa Pickell, Holly Quartaro, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Thompson, and Joleen Tripp.

Midway through the event, Director of Operations Jennifer Mayrath expressed gratitude and presented floral arrangements to Jan and Nancy, surrounded by their loved ones—a tribute to their remarkable retail legacy.

Jan Kennedy, adorned in a Burberry trench, Eskandar blouse, and signature CHANEL ballet flats, reflected on the pride of witnessing 50 years of unwavering support from the Dallas community. “...reminiscing about the evolution of the consignment business was such a nostalgic experience, filled with great memories of growth, learning, and adaptation.  Our clients made us experts through the years,” Jan remarked. "Dedication to continuously improving and innovating is our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our customers.  We look forward to many more years of success, style, and sustainability at Clotheshorse Anonymous, and to making a lasting impact in the Dallas community and beyond.”

Nancy Ungerman, sporting her iconic pink Krewe sunglasses and a fabulous crystal necklace, celebrated Clotheshorse Anonymous's multi-generational impact. “To have such a strong connection with families over the years speaks volumes about the trust we built.  It's a testament to the legacy of Clotheshorse Anonymous in the Dallas community. Being able to serve and style multiple generations is a remarkable achievement, showcasing the brand's ability to evolve while staying true to our roots. Cheers to dressing future generations with style and sophistication!” 

Guests savored the fashion presentation, indulged in shopping, and captured spirited moments at the A Moment in Time Photo Booth against a sparkling gold backdrop. Throughout, beats, bubbles, and Soccoro flowed in abundance, fostering an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Proceeds from the event benefited Attitudes and Attire, underscoring Clotheshorse Anonymous's commitment to community empowerment.

Jennifer Mayrath, fashionable in Brunello Cuccinelli and CHANEL sneakers, reflected on the founders' enduring vision. "Our dedication to exceptional customer experiences and timeless style remains unwavering," Jennifer affirmed, heralding many more years of success and stylish adventures for Clotheshorse Anonymous.

Looking ahead, Clotheshorse Anonymous pledges continued excellence in serving consignors and clients, both in-store and online. And who knows? Perhaps AI mannequins will grace the 60th anniversary event!


About Clotheshorse Anonymous:

Established deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas, in 1974 by two local moms, Clotheshorse Anonymous is a pioneer in luxury consignment. Their expertise in consignment and knowledge of current styles and trends make Clotheshorse the premier destination for buying and consigning designer and contemporary handbags, shoes, jewelry, clothing, and accessories. From Ganni to Gucci, they put sustainable style on the map! Clotheshorse Anonymous’s brick-and-mortar is located at 11661 Preston Road, Suite 236 in Preston Hollow.

Photos by Lori Sapio Photography:

Photos by A Moment in Time Photobooth:

Follow the new IG for Clotheshorse Anonymous: @clotheshorseanonymous

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It is that time of year when your calendar is filled with countless holiday events! At any gathering this season, whether it is hosted by a family member, boss, best friend or yourself, consider gifting, sipping and pouring a bottle (or more) of Stressed Vines. The wine is appealing to a broad range of pallets due to the array of flavors. Stressed Vines is the perfect ‘pour’ to gift and sip this holiday season. 
Currently, Stressed Vine wines are poured in some of Dallas’ best restaurants: Nick & Sam’s, Suze, Beverly's, Billy Can Can, Georgie, Imoto, Homewood, Knife, Shinsei, Terilli's, Al Biernat’s and Lovers Seafood & Market, among them. In addition, the brand’s four varietals—Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Rosé—are available at Dallas Fine Wine and Spirits, Trova Wine + Market, Berkley’s Market and Veritas Wine Room, with new locations being added monthly. Wines are also available at their local Tasting Room in Richardson, which can be booked for private tastings, events, and parties. Yet another way to purchase is through the winery’s Wine Club, which offers members four-bottle selections each March and October plus guaranteed allocation of their Vineyard Select Reserve (VSR) wines.
About Stressed Vines
Stressed Vines Cellars' wines are premium handcrafted California wines produced with only the very best grapes from some of the top vineyards in Sonoma and Napa counties. The name itself epitomizes quality: The harder the vines have to work to produce fruit, the more vibrant the flavor, the more balanced the acid, and the smoother the tannins. The passion project of Dallas businessman—and now also Vintner—Robert Barney, produces wines that are available at leading D/FW restaurants and retail outlets. The winery also sells its four varietals—Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Rosé—at its North Texas Tasting Room (660 N Glenville Dr, Richardson, TX 75081), which can be booked for tastings and private events.

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The Topped Hats assortment includes more than 20 lines from around the world. From the generously brimmed variety meant for sunglasses and white Burgundy to embellished Western varieties to boho and any fashion style is what makes this the perfect gift for any woman or man. 
You can gift an already created Topped Hat or stylish gift card for the Topped Hat custom experience, which is a design process where the client is the main character. Once the hat shape is perfected, choose from an à la carte array of adornments: silk ribbons, vintage scarves, mud cloth, snakeskin, horsehair, and tooled-leather bands, antique hat pins, to name a few. And of course, feathers—those collected on the grounds of the bird sanctuary or along the Katy Trail in Dallas to more exotic varieties such as Yucatan turkey, Asian peacock-pheasant, and vivid Macaw feathers. 
See link: Topped Hats 
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For Release: July 2018

Dallas’ KidBiz Boutique Makes a Move to Inwood Village


Dallas, TX, July 9 2018 – KidBiz and TheBiz, currently located in The Plaza at Preston Center, announced today that they will be moving their 30-year old business to a larger space at Inwood Village. The beloved KidBiz brand, commonly known in the community as “Everybody’s favorite kid store,” made the thoughtful decision to leave The Plaza after over 25 years. The move is scheduled for early September followed by a Grand Opening soiree shortly after.


In a note to staffers, KidBiz owners Janet and Jay Finegold wrote that Inwood Village was selected “because of its location and mix of tenants.” Because Inwood Village is marked by mainly individually owned stores, local restaurants and boutiques, it’s the perfect neighborhood to give KidBiz a new beginning.  Additionally, for 23 years the Finegolds have recognized the importance of “shop local” and being part of a community. It is what has kept their clientele coming back and turned customers into friends; another reason this move seems a natural transition. “Inwood Village is a natural selection for us. Many of our customers from the Park Cities and North Dallas already spend time there because of the number of local businesses they support. Inwood Village has that small town, friendly vibe that is in keeping with the Kidbiz brand. Janet and I are both excited and energized by this move,” said Jay Finegold. 


The change not only brings a fresh location but also a fresh look and feel. Designed by Dallas’ renowned Coeval Studio, the new boutique will be larger, accompanied by high ceilings and modern color schemes. It is being designed so that the new layout makes it easier for shoppers to navigate the carefully curated merchandise mix. In addition to the existing KidBiz and TheBiz brands, the new location will also include a Jon Hart store-within-a-store concept. Jon Hart is one of the boutiques most sought-after brands and now shoppers can enjoy the new “Jon Hart Shop at The Biz.” The store will continue to house all the same dynamic mix of designers and will continue to add new brands year-round. 


For more information about KidBiz and TheBiz, please visit check out their social media accounts for all the latest news and grand opening updates; Facebook,  and Instagram @kidbizusa and @thebizusa



About KidBiz and TheBiz

KidBiz began in Dallas, Texas in 1989 by a former couture buyer for Neiman Marcus. She envisioned a store featuring fashion-forward designer clothes for kids and infants. In August 1995, Janet and Jay Finegold purchased the 1,200 square foot Dallas Park Cities neighborhood boutique for Janet to run. Janet’s 11 years experience buying for Foley’s and 6 years wholesale experience with Polo Ralph Lauren made her the ideal owner to take the original concept to a higher level. In August 1998, the Finegold’s built a store twice as large next door to the original, and in October 1999, they broke through to the old space and began TheBiz for teen girls and young adults. After overseeing the expansions, Jay joined Janet in operating KidBiz. 

Our philosophy is simple – we provide the newest and most fun fashions, gifts and accessories with personal service. We are part of the community and enjoy our neighbors and friends as customers. As proponents of “Shop Local,” KidBiz and TheBiz have a large customer base throughout DFW and the state. Our staff is anchored by fashion merchandising or fashion design graduates and experienced moms and grandmoms who know a thing or two about putting clothes on a kid. To learn more about KidBiz and TheBiz, please visit



Press Contacts:


Alison Volk,

Meghan McPartland-Krakauer,