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We started on Monday with our first blog and published two subsequent blogs highlighting 16 places to choose from to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.   Our selections were in all parts of the Dallas area.  We figured everyone is going to party at least two days and a lot of us are going to party all five days up to and including Tuesday, March 17th.  And why not party all 5 days?  Its St. Patrick’s Day isn’t it?  The weather forecast looks delightful particularly after so many cold and rainy days.  That means sitting outside on a patio will be a must especially during the day.   

For this final issue we’re going to cherry pick all over the map.  First, stop into Waldron’s Lodge in the Bishop Arts District.  They have a first class patio.  And there should be music this weekend.   The bar is the center of attention.  You can get anything you desire and the staff is friendly and accommodating.  They have a lot of local drafts as well as Texas based Leprechaun Cider.  The food is divine.  The theme is wild game and fish.  You’ll love it!  Try the Pulled Boar BBQ, Roasted Quail, Duck Tacos and The Lodge Ribeye.  You can just sit at the bar or on the patio with your favorite libation and munch on Sweet Potato Fries, Frog Legs, the Dip Trio or Mac N'Cheese before your entrée or just make it your entree.  No matter you won’t be disappointed!

St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin is locally owned and operated and serves some of the best burgers in Deep Ellum and maybe Dallas.  You order the St. Pete’s Burger and make it your way!  Or if you’re into health Pete’s got one of the best Veggie Burgers you’ll ever eat.  The Dancing Tuna Sandwich is the best seller because it’s so good and it’s healthy.  There are always soups, salads and superb desserts like the Chocolate Sheet Cake.   The facility has a long bar which makes you feel like you’re on the Gulf Coast looking out over the ocean.   The barkeeps will make you anything you want including some terrific craft cocktails.  On rare occasions you can find Pete behind the bar which is really a treat!

Over in the Knox Henderson area the Henderson Tap House will definitely be a place to be and a place to be seen.   This establishment has a great patio right in front and two bars on each side.  Lots of televisions to enjoy your sporting event.  You start out with Jumbo Shrimp Ceviche, the Sliders and Lobster & Artichoke Dip.  With appetizers like this you have to have something special to wash down like one of their local brews or a specialty cocktail such as the Moscow Bull or the Classy Cowgirl.  The plates are something special like the Chicken Diablo, Bourbon Beef Short Ribs and the Henderson Hen Platter.  Pizza is so good too!  Just Great food!  Save room for the Megatron Chocolate Cake! Click for St. Patrick's Day Specials.

Up in Plano we have to favorably mention Dee Lincoln’s Steak & Burger Bar.  For those that want to celebrate in dining style this is a place to go.  Just like the name you can get a world class burger or a world class steak.  The appetizers, sides and desserts are to die for.  Here’s a sampling:  Sashimi Tuna Steak, Sushi Pizza, Crab Cakes, Trio of Filet, Jumbo Sea Scallops, Roasted Chicken and Save Room for the Coca Cola Chocolate Cake (OMG!).  There’s an upscale bar that will satisfy your palate.

Urban Crust is a must.  The pizza is prepared in front of you in one of the best pizza ovens in town.  There are three stories to this antique building.  The 3rd floor will be rockin’ with the 32 degrees bar at center stage.  There’s an outside deck there too!  While this establishment is particularly famous for their pizza the menu runs the gamut from a Farmer’s Market Salad, to the soup of the day to a Ribeye prepared in the pizza oven that’s out of this world.  Lots of great wine, draft beer and craft cocktails.  A fun place indeed.

Over in Irving on the outskirts of Las Colinas is The Ranch at Las Colinas.  This place is really worth the drive from any location in the State of Texas.  It’s that good!  They’ve got live music too.  There are two bars, a fabulous patio and spectacular cuisine.  You have to experience this venue!  Put it on your list!  Order up the Mini Elk Tacos, Chef’s Favorite 4, Cornmeal Fried Texas Oysters and the Fried Green Tomatoes.  That’ll take care of you while you’re at the bar.  You’re going to stay for dinner and here’s a selection:  Angus Bone In Filet, Wagyu Tomahawk Ribeye for Two, Herb Grilled Split Farm Bird and Fresh Red Fish.  The cuisine is on par with any fine restaurant in town!  Click for Live Music Calendar.

Look….we did our best….we wanted to make some suggestions for a great celebratory weekend with the weather shaping up to be absolutely wonderful…there are so so many great places in Dallas!  There’s a great eating establishment on every street corner now.  I can remember when it was hard to find 2 or 3 in the entire city.  We live in the best place in the world.  Have a safe and enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day!

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