Spencer Hansen Happy Hour at Samuel Lynne



Central Standard Time



Samuel Lynne Galleries
1105 Dragon St
Dallas, Texas 75207

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Missed Spencer Hansen's exhibition, Shaping Stories? Join us Thursday evening on January 26th from 5:30-8pm at Samuel Lynne Galleries in the Dallas Design District!

Hansen’s current show is a reference to the dream-like playscapes that weave through his imagination. He shares his sculptures as the tangible representations of these liminal habitats, mapping the evolution of impalpable ideas into reality. 

Working primarily with natural materials, Spencer’s art is a counterbalance to over-production, a statement against disposability, exhibiting a sense of timelessness in material and design. Hansen excavates a world of possibilities through curiosity, repetition, and a commitment to discern the delicacy of connection. He builds relationship through form, combining contrasting elements with precision. The resulting story is a contradiction, undoubtedly familiar, simultaneously foreign, capable of evoking a sense of melancholic joy. 

Both playful and thought provoking, his aesthetic shapes a relatable experience for the visitor. With past shows like Please Play and New Friends, it’s evident that his art is meant to be inclusive, encouraging interactions between the species he creates and the humans that visit. We look forward to honoring the inclusive nature of Hansen's are with each of you in the gallery this January!

We will provide cocktails and the opportunity to view Hansen's incredible sculpture work before the exhibition closing on January 30th. 

We look forward to welcoming you all!