At Relationships First®, we envision a world where everyone feels safe, valued and connected.

Relationships First is a non-profit organization committed to bringing relational skills out of the clinic and into the public. The word “relationship” has come to be associated with romantic involvement, but it is actually universal. The connections people make in all relationships significantly impact families, communities, and the economic health of our cities.

Our mission is to empower people across the globe to talk without criticism, listen without judgment, and connect beyond differences. We do this by teaching Safe Conversations®, a revolutionary 3-step conversation method developed by top relationship experts, that teaches people how to talk and listen in a way that generates true connection.

The process we teach, Safe Conversations, is a ground-breaking relational methodology that makes it possible to talk with anyone about anything and experience connecting rather than polarization. We are spearheading a relationship revolution by sharing this methodology with couples, communities, corporations, centers of faith, and classrooms. Our process can be tailored to various audiences, and we make it available through workshops, online videos, and more.

Join the relationship revolution!
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