I’ve been running, riding, sailing and basically having a blast at White Rock Lake since the mid 1970′s. 

I remember when the lake was ONE WAY traffic and you could drive all the way around it without any guard barriers. Back in the days of ‘Cruisn’ the Lane’ (Forest Lane)

We used to play in the (at that time) abandoned Filter Building and maybe grab a hot dog or some worms and a Big Red at the fishing store at Tee Pee Hill before hopping into our paddle boat and getting blistered sunburned.

Ahhh, those were the days!

Snake jigging (looking back, that was stupid), crawfishing, catching horned toads and even an occasional tarantula (harmless when they crawl on your arm)… but Swimming?


We knew it was off limits. We were told the ‘currents’ would sweep you away :) or the water moccasins would get you! 

So.. here’s an interesting article about swimming in my favorite lake!

White Rock Lake, Dallas

Cheers! John 

How Gross is White Rock Lake (Credit WFAA)



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