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Technology Innovator Energy Ogre Revolutionizes Residential Energy

With Unprecedented Consumer Savings Program


 A major market breakthrough is occurring in the Texas deregulated electricity market.  Energy Ogre has recently launched its service offerings in all deregulated areas of the State.  Energy Ogre brings something entirely new and long overdue to consumers; to let them once and for all unlock the savings and value that deregulation has promised to provide.  Energy Ogre uses its proprietary technology to analyze and select optimized electricity rate plans for its customers.

Jesson Bradshaw, Energy Ogre CEO and industry veteran commented, “We have noticed for some time that consumers in Texas were becoming frustrated with they way the marketplace has changed.  Most people realize that there are probably better solutions out there but because the process can be overly complicated and confusing, and because people are frankly too busy to spend a lot of their time studying all the options, most people are in plans that don’t fit them correctly.  People are shocked when they find out how much they are overpaying.”

 According to Dhwanit Shah, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, “It is exciting to apply the technology that we have developed to the retail electricity markets.  Prior to advances in just the last few years, it would have been almost impossible to provide this service cost effectively.  Now we really are able to provide a very simple and easy to use solution that provides significant electricity cost savings to our customers.”

About the Consumer Savings Program

Because Energy Ogre is not a retail electricity provider, and they do not receive payment from electricity providers, they are able to search through all active programs in the market with a completely unbiased approach.  The company scours through thousands of rate offerings by the more than 130 different energy providers multiple times per day.  Energy Ogre’s proprietary computing algorithms match optimal rate plans that are tailored to each customer’s unique electricity use profile.  Instead of solely providing information to its customers, Energy Ogre actually handles the entire switching process and monitoring on behalf of its customers.  Through this “Limited Agent” arrangement the company is able to completely eliminate the hassle of moving between providers and maximizing savings.


Energy Ogre is able to report that most of its customers have been able to save between 40% and 60% after enrolling in the program. 

The company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee as a commitment to service excellence for its customers.


Energy Ogre Inquiries

General inquiries can be directed to or (844) 855-OGRE (6473).

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