Type: Calendar

  03/10/2018 Spring Fling: A Day in the Life Elizabeth Lenart
  03/10/2018 Barnyard Buddies Preschool Story Time Elizabeth Lenart
  03/10/2018 Girl Scout Badge Workshop Day Elizabeth Lenart
  03/18/2018 5th Annual Dallas Jazz Age Sunday Social Elizabeth Lenart
  03/22/2018 FREE Lecture: Author E.R. Bills Elizabeth Lenart
  05/17/2018 "Secret Dallas" - A Free Lecture by Mark Stuertz Elizabeth Lenart
  06/02/2018 ART N FACTS - a new monthly art class Elizabeth Lenart
  09/15/2018 Girl Scouts Manners & Etiquette Badge Workshop Day Elizabeth Lenart
  09/21/2018 History with a Twist: Sock Hop Elizabeth Lenart

Type: Discussion

  05/24/2018 Cedars Union and Dallas Heritage Village Present Art 'n' Facts - a new monthly art class Elizabeth Lenart
  05/23/2018 Four Dallas Heritage Village Junior Historians Open New Photography Exhibit, Exploring Preservation Elizabeth Lenart
  05/11/2018 Come Discover Secrets of Dallas! Elizabeth Lenart
  04/19/2018 Dallas Heritage Village Hosts HISTORY QUEST: "WE BUILT THIS CITY" Elizabeth Lenart
  03/19/2018 Author E.R. Bills to Present FREE Lecture on his book: Texas Far and Wide Elizabeth Lenart
  03/15/2018 5th Annual Jazz Age Sunday Social at Dallas Heritage Village Elizabeth Lenart
  10/10/2017 Explore Historic Neighborhoods of Dallas-ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION for New Exhibit (free) Elizabeth Lenart
  09/27/2017 Dallas Heritage Village Opens "The Parlor," a New Early Childhood Interactive Play Space Elizabeth Lenart
  08/28/2017 Dallas Heritage Village Opens New Fall Exhibit: "Neighborhoods We Called Home" Elizabeth Lenart
  06/21/2017 Put on your Red, White, and Blue and Come Celebrate Independence Day the Old Fashioned Way! Elizabeth Lenart
  05/25/2017 The Joint was Jumping at 5th Annual History with a Twist-1940s Style-at Dallas Heritage Village Elizabeth Lenart
  05/02/2017 Award-Winning Author and Professor of Museum Studies Dr. Kenneth Hafertepe to Speak-free Elizabeth Lenart
  04/24/2017 History Quest: The Oregon Trail - test your survival skills! Elizabeth Lenart
  01/20/2017 Dallas Heritage Village Launches Fundraising Effort to Make Replica of Dallas' Long-Lost City Flag Elizabeth Lenart
  10/26/2016 Come Meet Willie and Waylon and the Boys at Dallas Heritage Village - free - Cedars Open Studios Elizabeth Lenart
  10/03/2016 Dallas Heritage Village Opens New Exhibit: Millermore honor of the 50th Anniversary Elizabeth Lenart
  05/20/2016 3rd Annual Front Porch Showdown-a Bluegrass Band Competition-You Pick the Winner! Elizabeth Lenart
  05/04/2016 "Fifty Years of Preservation: A Panel Discussion" - a free event open to the community Elizabeth Lenart
  11/03/2015 Baseball: The Nature, the Personality, and the Power of the Game with Talmage Boston - free lecture Elizabeth Lenart