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Dallas-based personal style expert Bobbi Schwartz has released “Chic Casual Dressing: The Budget Guide,” the second book in her Style Essentials series. The first book in the series, “Build Your Ultimate Wardrobe” is focused on creating the foundation of an investment wardrobe while in this latest addition, Schwartz has chosen to spotlight chic, casual dressing on a budget.

“I have found that most women struggle when it comes to creating chic casual looks, and at a time when many are struggling financially, I thought it important to share my wealth of experience when it comes to finding quality clothing at discount pricing. At the core of it all is the concept of fiscal responsibility,” Schwartz said.

In “Chic Casual Dressing: The Budget Guide,” Schwartz’s focus is on teaching the reader how to find the perfect casual silhouettes and where to find them at value pricing. She also shares her philosophy that while one’s essential wardrobe should be made up of designer-quality investment pieces, their casual wardrobe can be acquired anywhere from Neiman Marcus to Target. Schwartz stresses that you can look fabulous at any price point when you know what to look for and where to look for it.

“The most important thing to keep in mind as you’re reading the book is this—the pieces in your casual wardrobe can BE cheap, you just don’t want them to LOOK cheap,” Schwartz added.

Throughout the book Schwartz teaches the reader how to look for quality and versatility in their casual pieces so that they can be mixed and matched to create numerous chic looks. The book also acts as a guide featuring photographs of various outfit options and highlighting how simply changing one element of an outfit can change a look entirely. Schwartz also recommends various wardrobe essentials that will help extend the reach of the casual wardrobe, so that the reader can style their own looks by mixing and matching pieces, without breaking the bank.

 “There is a real art to shopping discounted and inexpensive pieces that look expensive. And combining those fabulous pieces to create easy, chic, daily looks, well, that’s an art in and of itself,” Schwartz emphasized.

Schwartz is the founder and CEO of The Bobbi Schwartz Group, a Dallas-based personal styling company and Be Iconic Style (, an online lifestyle resource for women focused on personal transformation through style. During her time in the fashion industry, which spans nearly two decades, she has worked for some of the world’s top retailers and design houses and held almost every position imaginable. Among others, she has worked for such notables as Neiman Marcus, Ralph Lauren, and Forty-Five Ten.

Schwartz left retail to pursue a career as a personal stylist in 2003, motivated by the dramatic uptick in confidence that she witnessed when simple updates were made to her clients’ wardrobes and personal appearances. That newfound confidence often translated to even bigger life changes which prompted Schwartz to found Be Iconic Style in 2012. She inspires her followers to transform their lives through style through weekly blog posts, curated online shopping, and informative videos on social media.

In 2013, Schwartz released “Build Your Ultimate Wardrobe,” the first book in the Style Essential series. Set up as a workbook, it guides women through building the foundation of an essential, investment wardrobe that works for all women, regardless of profession or lifestyle. Both “Build Your Ultimate Wardrobe” and “Chic Casual Dressing: The Budget Guide” are available through Amazon for $9.99 each.

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