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On Friday, July 31st,M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism® celebrated Eid al-Adha, one of the holiest days on the Islamic calendar known as a time of pilgrimage, charity and community, by supporting unsheltered youth served by CitySquare’s TRAC Program (Transition Resource Action Center). The group delivered 200 backpacks filled with personal hygiene items to the CitySquare TRAC Dallas office

In Dallas alone, approximately 3000 children go to sleep without a home of their own and the number is rising due to the Covid-19 pandemic. During this difficult time, many children have been left with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Further still, many children have witnessed their parents lose their livelihood, businesses, or jobs. By supporting CitySquare TRAC, M.T.O.Dallas’ initiative is helping to give homeless youth a sense of empowerment during this otherwise stressful period and to overcome the lasting and traumatic effects of homelessness. 

“We are so appreciative of the volunteers at The M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism for their generosity and their time to support homeless youth in need. COVID119 has made an already critical situation even worse for these kids. The sturdy backpacks and their contents will be very quickly put to good use,” said Madeline Reedy, Senior Director CitySquare TRAC .

For more information on CitySquare, please visit and for more on the M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi

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