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Rev. Larry James, CitySquare CEO

Highland Park United Methodist Church (HPUMC)and CitySquare are proud to announce a new partnership in the fight against the causes and effects of poverty in Dallas. Throughout the last 100 years, HPUMC has been committed to providing support to their outreach partners.  This unique partnership aims to raise awareness, while working to overcome growing and deepening poverty in the city 

HPUMC Rev. Paul Rasmussen, Senior Minister of HPUMC, and Rev. Larry James, Chief Executive Officer of CitySquare, share the same vision for ending poverty and the cultures of HPUMC and CitySquare are an ideal match. HPUMC and CitySquare have shared in efforts to bring help and hope to persons living in poverty since 2001.

”Nobody fights poverty more effectively than Larry James. To bring his level of leadership and match it with our resources, we think we will forge an unbelievable team.  Together, we are absolutely going to make a difference in the city of Dallas,” said Rev. Rasmussen. 

As this new partnership begins, Rev. Larry James will be appointed to the clergy at HPUMC.  Rev. James’ objective is to educate and inform about the issue of poverty and to enlist the congregations at HPUMC and their East Dallas campus, Munger Place Church, in strategies and action to challenge it. He will facilitate opportunities for members and guests to use their talents and treasures to make a difference at CitySquare in the lives of those in need across our city.

“Being concerned about poverty and the precious people trapped in it is nothing new for this wonderful church. Responding to the challenges of poverty is in the congregation’s DNA,” said Larry James. “It is clear to me that the church will play a significant role in reversing the negative patterns of pervasive poverty we have seen spread and deepen in many of our neighborhoods over the last decade,” James said.  “The church’s renewed commitment to lend its resources, both social and economic, to join in the fight against poverty excites me. What a tribute to its heritage! What a grand way to celebrate its centennial year as a church!”

Since 1988 CitySquare has been at the forefront of vital issues and concerns of the community in which we live and work. From its beginning as Central Dallas Food Pantry, CitySquare has grown to be one of the largest, most effective social services organizations in Texas, serving more than 50,000 unduplicated neighbors each year through 14 different initiatives. This year, CitySquare opened the long-awaited Opportunity Center, a gateway of opportunity for underserved communities in south and east Dallas. The Opportunity Center is home to numerous essential services for neighbors trying to change the trajectory of their lives in one easily accessed location. A community of neighbors standing for justice and equality for all and with the belief that its resources belong to the community, CitySquare‘s work flows out of its ecumenical and inclusive faith.


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