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Allie + Bess, the Dallas-based, women-owned jewelry brand launched in August 2019 beloved for its bold colors, unique beads and covetable and iconic bracelet stacks, is proud to announce its first brand collaboration today with Austin-based brand and artist Katie Kime. The collaboration announcement comes on the heels of the brand’s explosive growth over the past year - despite the pandemic and unprecedented times for the retail industry, an initial $100 investment has grown into a business boasting a run rate of more than $1M.

“When the pandemic hit in the infancy of our business, we knew we had to swiftly adapt our business model to be cohesive to the new, uncharted landscape,” said Bess Callarman, Co-Founder of Allie + Bess. “So we transitioned to a direct-to-consumer model and worked with influencers to lift the visibility of the brand. We credit that initial success to thinking outside of the box and being nimble.”

The Katie Kime for Allie + Bess Collection features bracelet stacks combining Allie + Bess’ signature aesthetic and Katie Kime’s artistic eye for bright, vibrant color palette reflected on the beads used in each Allie + Bess piece. The new collection launches just in time for the Spring season - as well as Valentine’s (and Galentine’s) Day gifting. The Katie Kime for Allie + Bess Collection is now available for purchase on the Allie + Bess website

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with Katie Kime on our first collaboration,” said Allie Wardlaw, Co-Founder of Allie + Bess. “Katie is a visionary artist and female entrepreneur - the perfect fit for our first partnership - and we are so excited to bring her designs to life through Allie + Bess bracelets.”

Wardlaw and Callarman previously met while working together in the healthcare industry and became fast friends. As busy and stylish moms, the founders sought a bracelet that could take them from carpool drop-off to workout to happy hour, but didn’t find anything on the market to meet their needs. The pair fell in love with their now signature vinyl bead, and quickly taught themselves to be beaders, using a mix of beads from around the world. The brand’s flat, uniform, ethically-sourced signature beads are crafted by Ghanaian artisans. Also called record or vulcanized heishi beads, they have dynamic texture and are available in a wide array of colorations. Allie + Bess has also expanded to include bracelets made of decorative, hand-dyed and carved bone African beads. While the beads are globally sourced, the products are locally made - each Allie + Bess piece is individually designed and handmade in Dallas. Additionally, each of the brand’s bracelets features five black vinyl beads, representing the pair’s five children. 

“I am delighted to partner with Allie + Bess on this collaboration,” said Katie Kime. “This partnership is a celebration of our two brands’ values of Texan female entrepreneurship, storytelling and artistry. We can’t wait for consumers to get their hands on these beautiful new bracelets!”

For more information about Allie + Bess, as well as to shop the new Katie Kime for Allie + Bess  Collection, please visit


Allie + Bess is a Dallas-based, women-owned jewelry brand. Co-founded by friends Allie Wardlaw and Bess Callarman in August 2019, the brand uses a mix of globally sourced beads to create its signature, covetable bracelet stacks. With an initial investment of just $100, the brand has expanded exponentially to now operate with a run rate of more than $1M. For more information, visit, or learn more on Instagram or Facebook.

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