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It’s no secret Athleisure is having a moment. This past year, women have traded in their high heels for designer sneakers. Dresses for athletic leggings. But just because they are ditching the dressy threads, doesn’t mean they are ditching the designer labels. SculptHouse, Dallas’ premiere fitness studio and boutique, is not only a one-of-a-kind fitness model (pairing the Woodway Curve treadmill and Lagree Megaformer), but it’s home to the most coveted Athleisure in Dallas. And not just the Big D; Mason says she’s seen exponential growth of 231% with their e-commerce activity since this time last year. 

She credits their success to working with fashion labels and designers from all over the globe, virtually of course this past year. And it goes without saying, the work-from-home model beckoned comfort in clothing and footwear. All day, every day. In partnership with a plethora of high-end fitness apparel designers, she curated the perfect palette of Athleisure options for the Dallas women who frequent her boutique, both online and in-person at the Lovers location. Touting more than 30 premium Athleisure lines from around the world, she says she can’t keep some brands on the shelf. Dallasites are clamouring for the cravable garments and shoes. Her goal is for customers to select pieces from her boutique that can seamlessly transition from workout to happy hour. Or as she says, Run Now, Rosé Later. From pieces designed to be layered after a class, or the latest fashions for an intense sweat session, she knows what is on trend, and what’s on the brink. She’s been immersed in the fitness world her entire life. From a focus on athletics, personal training and gracing the covers of fitness magazines the past decade, you can say Katherine Mason is fitness’ It Girl and she has her pulse on the Athleisure circuit. And she’s a firm believer in Athleisure starting with a Capital A.

“It’s been exciting to see the ins and outs of the fitness apparel industry my entire career. When speaking with designers that are emerging, I usually have a pretty good idea right away what’s going to resonate strongly with our clients,” Mason said. “Hands down the ESSEutESSE fringe shoes are the most popular item we sell. It’s Italy’s best kept secret that’s truly not a secret anymore. We are working with the designer to create a custom capsule for SculptHouse and are the exclusive retailer in Texas.”

Mason is a self-proclaimed shoe fanatic and has even installed a shoe wall, as the grand mecca for all shoe lovers to unite. The footwear installation features her hand-picked selects, punctuating the lineup with the star players: APL and ESSEutESSE (which retail for nearly $400). Along with the exclusivity of the ESSEutESSE brand, Mason has identified real up-and-comers in the athletic apparel realm, as well as aligning with sought-after staples such as Alo, Ultracor and Beach Riot. She has sprinkled in a variety of new products that fill out the price point range to be inclusive to all.

“We have people coming in to shop every single day, even if they aren’t taking a class,” Mason said. “Customer service is paramount for us. And we really like to make a statement with the tiny flourishes in our studio and our boutique. Whether it’s the 24 karat gold-plated locks on our lockers, or the personal shopping service we offer, as well as curbside pickup and virtual styling, we want our clients to feel the appreciation with every touchpoint of the SculptHouse brand.”

No other fitness concept in town prides itself on being the best workout and the best place to purchase Athleisure. But Mason is an overachiever. And in the best possible way. Perhaps it’s that athlete mentality that has shaped her career and ambition, because she’s excelling at both. In fact, Class Pass recently deemed SculptHouse the Cleanest Studio in Town, as they were top rated for cleanliness and safety by SculptHouse students.

With health and wellness as its top priority, SculptHouse employs premium safety and cleanliness measures. The studio has enacted great measures to ensure client safety during this time, including: 

  • Each person will have their own machine and no machine sharing (hand weights removed from the studio as well) 

  • Invested in Medify Air MA-112 V2.0 Air Purifier with H13 HEPA Filter (which is a higher grade of HEPA and covers 2,400 sq ft in the studio room)

  • Air filter within the HVAC systems that kills viruses

  • Temperature checks for employees and clients

  • Contactless check-in

  • Masked staff members

  • Limited class sizes 

  • No hands-on corrections from trainers

  • Sterilizing every locker/restroom/door handle by staff after the start of each session 

  • Extra medical-grade gym wipes are available before/during/after each session.

  • Private training is available

  • OpenHouse format just introduced (6 people in class for treadmill usage)- similar to an Open Gym concept

For more information about SculptHouse, to shop the SculptHouse boutique or to book a class, please visit


SculptHouse’ mission is to help its clients lead healthier, happier and more con?dent lives through ?tness and fashion. The unique SculptHouse fitness method combines cardio with strength, relying upon the Lagree Megaformer paired with Woodway Curve treadmills that are completely self-propelled. These machines are ideal for athletes recovering from injuries, as they embody a low-impact and high-intensity approach. Or for anyone seeking the perfect blend of toning and cardio combined. This self-propelled treadmill has also been proven to burn 30 percent more energy during a workout than a traditional treadmill, highlighting both its safety and efficacy. The boutique component of the brand was inspired by founder Katherine Mason’s modeling background, where she worked with major fitness magazines and up-and-coming ?tness fashion brands, exposing her to the emerging Athleisure industry. As a life-long athlete with an innate interest in fashion, it didn’t take her long to fall in love with this new segment of the industry. She quickly became the person back home that people would come to for advice on the newest lines and ways to elevate their activewear wardrobe, which sparked the second part of the idea for SculptHouse: an Athleisure boutique.

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