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The Topped Hats assortment includes more than 20 lines from around the world. From the generously brimmed variety meant for sunglasses and white Burgundy to embellished Western varieties to boho and any fashion style is what makes this the perfect gift for any woman or man. 
You can gift an already created Topped Hat or stylish gift card for the Topped Hat custom experience, which is a design process where the client is the main character. Once the hat shape is perfected, choose from an à la carte array of adornments: silk ribbons, vintage scarves, mud cloth, snakeskin, horsehair, and tooled-leather bands, antique hat pins, to name a few. And of course, feathers—those collected on the grounds of the bird sanctuary or along the Katy Trail in Dallas to more exotic varieties such as Yucatan turkey, Asian peacock-pheasant, and vivid Macaw feathers. 
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