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Photo courtesy of Pearl Cup Coffee Facebook page

It’s a sad day when you have to announce the closing of your first coffee shop location. We opened Pearl Cup Coffee when Henderson Avenue didn’t have much to offer other than a handful of bars.

We had a hand in building the Dallas coffee culture to what it is today, and we are quite proud of that feat, but the incredibly high rents are simply not sustainable for a true coffee shop. Opening on Henderson Avenue was a strategic move that we hoped would allow us to grow as the street gained in popularity.

Throughout it all, we haven’t been interested in being something that we aren’t. Our vision was not a restaurant with coffee, or a bar with coffee. Simply wanting to serve great coffee in a welcoming environment has always been our top priority. We are very disappointed that we were unsuccessful at negotiating an affordable rent structure and that we will no longer be a part of this neighborhood.

We still have our three other locations: one in the Arts District next to the Winspear Opera House, one at St. Paul Place in Downtown Dallas on the corner of Ross and St. Paul and our Richardson location in II Creeks Plaza on Custer Rd.

We invite all of our wonderful and loyal customers to visit any of our other locations to get your Pearl Latte, and let us know where you think the perfect spot for a replacement location for our Henderson shop would be! We have some exciting possibilities in the works, and we're always looking for the best ways to serve our customers.

Story courtesy of Carlene Saelg