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Julie Latta

Meet Julie Latta, senior aesthetic advisor at Skintastic, where she is focused on helping patients look and feel their best. Working alongside Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass, Latta is a critical decision maker in determining which of the cutting edge procedures and treatments are introduced to patients at Skintastic, which is located in the Uptown area of Dallas. Latta also serves as the cosmetic surgery liasion at Texas Health Center for Diagnostics and Surgery helping patients decide if more minimally invasive techniques like laser skincare is appropriate or if something more like surgery is necessary. 

Latta, who is married and a mother of three knows this time of year can be stressful for women and men who are juggling work, home, school and social committments. But, she says shopping can be simple if you consider the gift of beauty. With shopping days running low, we turned to this expert for a few tips on how to find just the right beauty item for every person on your list. It may be just what your sweetie is longing for. 

Dawn Tongish: There are just a few shopping days remaining until Christmas. What are your best suggestions for anyone who has procrastinated on gift buying? 

Julie Latta: Everyone is certainly feeling the pressure but I am here to help those in need! Giving the gift of beauty is always, always appreciated. I absolutely LOVE products from Skin Medica — not only are they one of highest rated products, they are always featured in Allure and other beauty magazines. In fact, editors call the line the "go-to products for those in the know." We have baskets ready to go or, you can stop by our Plano or Uptown location and create your own beauty basket! 

DT: No one wants to impulse buy when they are down to the wire. Are gift cards a good idea? 

JL: Yes, of course and everyone appreciates a great gift card. Right now when you buy a gift card from Skintastic you can save 20% off the face value. I have to say most people buy a card for a friend and one for themselves — 'tis the season of giving and nobody said you don't deserve to treat yourself too.

DT: For the special woman on someone's list, what do you recommend? 

JL: Ok you can never ever go wrong with the gift of health. In our overworked lives we all forget to take care of ourselves, which is not good. And yes, I am guilty of this too. I recently gave a girl friend sessions with our wellness director, as she recently divorced and felt a little "blah." So to help her get her "bounce back," I had her meet with Lee, and not only did she end up losing 30 pounds over three month, she says she has never had more energy in her life. The sessions can be purchased one at a time or in bulk.  

DT: For the special man on someone's list, what do you recommend?  

JL: Right now, I think the hottest “go to” items for any guy on your list is also a gift to removal. I know it is not a gift most "manly" guys would ask for, so it would certainly be a huge surprise. Once they do it they all really love it and most end up doing other areas. But let's be honest — staring at his hair-free back, shoulder, or stomach forever sounds very nice so it is a win-win for everyone.

DT: What is the your holiday wish this season? 

JL: My holiday wish is always the same. As much fun as gift giving and receiving can be, it is nothing without family and friends. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season and not take time to enjoy it. No matter how chaotic or dysfunctional it may be, my wish is to spend the holidays with my loved ones and for everyone to remain happy and healthy. That is truly the greatest gift of all. 

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