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The PilatesBarre is changing up your workout with the introduction of its newest class, The SpringBarre! This 50-minute class is a full body workout using the new red springs and push-through bar. Exclusive to The PilatesBarre, you won’t find this class anywhere else! The SpringBarre class incorporates cardio, springboards, ballet barre and free weights to work all muscle groups in a non-impact manner. You will leave the class feeling sweaty and energized!

The SpringBarre class is offered at the Devonshire studio Friday at 9:30 to 10:20 a.m. Cross trainer shoes are required.

The PilatesBarre also offers The PilatesBody, Bootcamp Barre, The PilatesBarre and private session classes. Each class offers a unique and low-impact exercise for 50-minutes that will get your endorphins flowing and leave you ready to take on the day. But don’t rush out after class, The PilatesBarre is always updating The ShopBarre with the latest trends and the teams’ favorite lines including Soft Joie, Vince, Splits 59, Tkees, Rebecca Minkoff, Hard Tail, Beyond Yoga, Ulla Johnson, Current Elliott, Sea Elise Jewelry, Hayden Reis bags, as well as delicious Vim & Vigor juices, Kombucha, Live Love Pop Popcorn and other assorted food products.