McKinney Avenue Transit Authority's long-awaited turntable installation begins this summer, and it will streamline streetcar operations. However, construction will cause temporary changes in riding patterns for bus and rail commuters in and around Cityplace.

From Monday, June 27, until mid-September, the West Portal entrance to Cityplace from North Central Expressway will be closed to allow renovation of the stairs and elevator leading from mezzanine to street level and the new turntable housing.

Connections between bus routes and DART Rail will be affected as follows:
Route 36 (inbound) - buses will stop at the West Portal, then the East Portal; (outbound) - no change.
Route 51 (inbound & outbound) - buses will stop at the East Portal, then the West Portal, on all trips.
Route 409 (northbound & southbound) - buses will stop at the West Portal, then the East Portal, on all trips. (See map below.)

Passengers transferring from the M-Line Streetcar will be able to reach the East Portal on Routes 36 and 409, and can reach the streetcar from the East Portal on Route 51. However, DART recommends passengers traveling to/from Uptown use Route 21 on McKinney Avenue to access DART Rail at Mockingbird Station during the construction period.

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