Bri Crum – Guest Contributor
Jul 23 2014

This Saturday night at 7 p.m., be sure to catch the Deborah Vial Band at the House of Blues in Dallas!

Dallas native, Deborah Vial is an indie rock singer who will be coming back to her hometown here in Dallas to perform music off her album, "Stages and Stones" along with her bandmate and partner, Caron Barrett. The album includes standout track, "Don’t Make Me Take It," along with "Simple Girl," "Angel," "Lose Again," and more.

Vial and Barrett have been working and traveling together for 15 years. Their relationship began in July 1999, the night that Vial was honored as the opening act for "Little Fair" Barrett owned a successful Indie Label and recording studio in Dallas, Last Beat Records, located in the trendy Deep Ellum. Their friendship and working relationship evolved into a marriage and after spending several years promoting Vial’s solo project as well as their group project (the beloved band Astrogin) the girls decided in 2004 to make a change and leave Texas for Maui.

After releasing Stages and Stones in 2011, there were a few pieces that still felt unfinished. “Some words still needing to be spoken,” says Vial. In the Spring of 2014, those songs started to bloom and will be released in late summer 2014.

“Stages and Stones was a revelation for me,” says Vial. “The quality of the musicianship was unreal. Kenny Aronoff on drums, Chris Chaney from Jane’s Addiction on bass, Kevin Savigar on keys…huge industry names. We didn’t want to present unfinished songs to them, so we held some back from "Stages and Stones" Those are the songs we are working on today”.


Follow this link to buy tickets to the Deborah Vial Band’s concert at the House Of Blues this Saturday