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10th Annual Get Kidz Fit Festival Set for April 29 at Fair Park

Dallas-based nonprofit Community Council is sounding the alarm on a growing problem—literally. Childhood obesity is about to take center stage for Dallasites, as the 10th annual Get Kidz Fit Festival kicks off on Saturday, April 29 in the Centennial Building in Fair Park. The four-hour event is being put on by the Dallas Area Coalition to Prevent Childhood Obesity, Dallas Mayor's Youth Fitness Initiative (MyFi) and the Community Council.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is a strong supporter of the cause. "Dallas youth are the future of our city, and for them to achieve success we have to continue to explore solutions to reverse the health issues they are facing today," said Mayor Rawlings. "I am proud that so many great organizations, companies and sponsors are pulling together to create this 10th annual event where families have the opportunity to find resources and create healthy habits for life."

According to research compiled by the Centers for Disease Control, along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, childhood obesity rates in Texas are significantly higher than the national average. And according to the U.S. Health and Human Resources Department, a full 36 percent of Dallas children and teens are either classified as overweight or obese.

The 10th annual Get Kidz Fit Festival runs from noon to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 29 in the Centennial Building at Fair Park. Admission and parking are both free and free t-shirts will be distributed to the first 500 kids. At the Get Kidz Fit Festival, children will experience a series of physical activities, interactive games and sports, obstacle courses, inflatables and high-energy performances at the Main Stage dance party. Mascots from various Dallas professional sports teams will also be on hand. Parents will receive information on fighting childhood obesity, creating healthy habits, nutrition, food demos, activity booths, and more.

Pre-registration for the 10th annual Get Kidz Fit Festival, while not mandatory, is encouraged. Attendees are urged to pre-register online for the chance to win a free Surface Pro tablet from Microsoft, please visit:

“The state of children’s health is one of the key pillars of community outreach we focus on here,” stated Ken Goodgames, CEO of the Community Council. “Statistics continue to show we’re fighting a tough battle, but we’re determined to make real progress on the issue of childhood obesity. The 10th annual Get Kidz Fit Festival will be one of our strongest and most visible outreach efforts.”

For more information, please visit the Community Council’s redesigned website, available at