Calling all collectors, young and old, near and far! The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is conducting the ultimate hobbyist’s challenge in advance of its first full-scale, self-curated exhibition, Eye of the Collector. The general public is invited to submit their collections – everything from quirky and crafty to historic and valuable items – for a chance to have their precious possessions on display within the exhibition. From archtophilists (teddy bear collectors), philographists (autograph collectors) and oologists (bird egg collectors), to conchologists (shell collectors) and deltiologists (post card collectors), any and all suitable acquisitions are welcome. 

The contest opens at noon on Wednesday, Jan. 27. Contestants can upload information and photos of their collections in the categories of “Best Youth” (17 and under), “Most Unique” or “Most Visually Stunning” at The deadline to submit is Sunday, Feb. 21, at 11:59 p.m. CST.

“Imagine your personal collections on view for thousands of Museum visitors to see! The big question is – how do you use inanimate objects to tell your compelling story? What is it about your collection and why you collect what you do that moves people?” asks Colleen Walker, Eugene McDermott Chief Executive Officer of the Perot Museum. “That’s what we’re setting out to learn as we gear up for the Perot Museum’s first fully curated exhibition, Eye of the Collector. Whether you collect coins or cars, vintage toys or trains, figurines or flags, the possibilities are endless. So dust them off and get the camera ready, because your collection may be the next to shine!”

Eye of the Collector, which runs April 16 - Sept. 5, 2016, brings together the amazing personal collections of very different people – from the exquisite to the quirky, from historical artifacts to pop culture. At the heart of this exclusive exhibition are signature pieces from Nancy and Randy Best, whose extensive collections take visitors on journeys through time – from paleontological specimens, early hominids, pre-Columbian artifacts and weapons to exotic Sumerian tablets and spectacular minerals extracted from the earth. Every object becomes a portal that transports one to a distinct time in history. Among the other collectors are an avid Dallas Cowboys fan with one of the largest-ever assortments of team memorabilia; a world-record-setting collector of Star Wars mementos; a local leader with a passion for Ballet Folklórico; a PEZ aficionado; an enthusiast of remarkable dolls; and our nation’s third president, Thomas Jefferson. Not only will visitors marvel at the items themselves, they’ll also get a glimpse into the minds of the collectors and find out what inspired them to see the magic in items ranging from everyday utensils to rare treasures. Presented by Highland Capital Management, Eye of the Collector is free for members and requires a surcharge for non-members (ticket prices below).

After the contest closes Feb. 21, five finalists will be chosen in each of the three categories. A public voting period will then ensue to determine a winner for each category. The collection that receives the most votes overall across the three categories will become the People’s Choice contest winner.

In addition to having their collection displayed in Eye of the Collector, the People’s Choice winner will receive admission to the VIP opening party, a one-year Family-level membership to the Perot Museum and four tickets to the exhibition. The three finalists’ collections – one from each category – will be displayed within the Museum, and each winner will receive a one-year Family-level membership to the Perot Museum and four tickets to the exhibition.

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