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Courtesy of Reunion Tower

It’s the Valentine’s Day crunch countdown — do you know what your plans are?

According to the folks at Reunion Tower, this prime piece of real estate — 480 feet in the air in Downtown Dallas — is the perfect place for love.

“Its iconic fixture is visible throughout the city and beyond, and has all of the best skyline views in bright sunshine or at night,” Kimber Westphall, Public Relations with Reunion Tower Operations Company, said. “Many couples tell us that Reunion Tower is the perfect place to pop the question since it’s a part of their daily lives — whether they drive by on their way to work or they see the skyline on a newscast — it’s always their special place.”

Local resident Gabe Herrera agrees. Herrera proposed to his high school sweetheart, whom he’s dated for 10 years, at Reunion Tower several weeks ago.

“I chose Reunion Tower for a number of reasons,” Herrera explains. “Being able to get an unobstructed, 360-degree view of Downtown on any given day is probably one of the top "to do's" in Dallas, especially if you're a tourist. I thought, what better place to propose to the love of my life than high above of the city we grew up in. It truly ended up being such a wonderful evening. We couldn't have asked for a better engagement.”

Reunion Tower averages one wedding proposal per day during the year, but it is rumored that during Valentine’s weekend, there are dozens of proposals going on at any given time.

Westphall says that the most unique proposal ever was one of the first ones planned to take place at Reunion Tower.

“In 1980, a gentleman proposed to his girlfriend using the space in the sky,” Westphall explained. “While taking in the view, he directed her attention to a plane flying near the tower with a banner that read, Patty will you marry me? Now, 35 years later, they come back to Reunion Tower each year to celebrate special occasions with their family.”

Another couple wanted to do something special and different for their wedding and used the 68-second ride to Reunion Tower’s observation deck to tie the knot. The quick nuptials were a success, and then they enjoyed the romantic 360-degree view of the city for the first time as husband and wife.

This year, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Reunion Tower is offering three Valentine’s Day packages on the GeO-Deck (indoor/outdoor observation deck) and the Cloud Nine level, which is the indoor revolving level. The packages include the Rose, Enchantment and Carriage Package, ranging from $80 to $350.

Reunion Tower has been an icon on the Dallas landscape since it opened in 1978 and it’s the 15th tallest building in Dallas. It closed in 2007 for renovation and reopened in the fall of 2013 with the GeO-Deck, offering visitors the only indoor/outdoor observation deck in the city with views of the Dallas area. Reunion Tower also offers interactive exhibits, two dining options — Cloud Nine Café and restaurant Five Sixty — and seasonal events on all three levels throughout the year.


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