Annie Black – Guest Contributor
Jun 22 @ 14:33
Film Screening: Falkenau, the Impossible



Central Standard Time



Dallas Holocaust Museum
211 N. Record Street #100
Dallas, Texas 75202

Join us for a screening of Emil Weiss’s 1988 documentary Falkenau, the Impossible. The film includes interviews with Samuel Fuller from the site of the Falkenau concentration camp, as well as some of Fuller’s original footage from its liberation. 

Samuel Fuller is one of the featured directors in our special gallery exhibit, Filming the Camps: From Hollywood to Nuremberg - John Ford, Samuel Fuller, George Stevens, which runs through August 3, 2017. During World War II, Fuller served with the First Infantry Division of the U.S. Army, which fought in North Africa, Sicily, Normandy, Belgium, and Czechoslovakia. Some of Fuller’s first work in film was with the First Infantry Division when he filmed the liberation of Falkenau. 

Run Time: 62 minutes. Please Note: This film contains graphic images and is not suitable for younger audiences. 

Hosted by the Dallas Holocaust Museum with support from Studio Movie Grill, 3 Stars Jewish Cinema, Dallas Jewish Film Festival, Denton Black Film Festival, and VideoFest.

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