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How to avoid a UCW at the airport in Texas? There are more crimes and more people arrested at DFW Airport for possession of a weapon than at any other airport in the United States. There are a lot of people with guns in Texas, obviously. To avoid a UCW or unlawfully carrying a weapon charge at the airport, here are some good tips.

First off, leave the gun in the car. Secondly, before you get to the point at security where you put your bag on that conveyor belt, think about “What have I got in my bag? What did I pack? What did I forget about being in my bag?” If there’s a gun in your bag, turn around, go back to your car, and leave the gun in the car.

Now, once you put that bag on the conveyor belt and it starts advancing towards the X-ray machine – If you try to take it off at that point, TSA may get suspicious and not allow you to do that. They’ll be more suspicious, and they’ll have more reason to look at the bag and see what’s in it.

Here’s another good tip on avoiding a UCW at the airport. That is, Anytime you’ve got your gun in a bag that you travel with, put a brightly colored carabiner on the handle, like an orange carabiner on the handle. Anytime that carabiner is on the handle, that indicates you have a gun in the bag. You take the gun out, you take the carabiner off.

That way, you’ll always have this kind of ribbon tied around your finger that reminds you when there’s a gun in your bag. This is a secret that the TSA likes for people to do if they ever have been arrested for having a gun in their bag because a person who gets a UCW at the airport can also be fined by the TSA and also put on a no-fly list.

You don’t want to get one of those charges. You can deal with the TSA after arrest for a UCW and possibly keep from getting on a no-fly list and possibly keep from paying a big fine, but it’s difficult. One of the best ways is, don’t carry a gun in any bag that you travel with.

If you travel somewhere with the gun in your bag take that gun out when you get back home. Always use a brightly colored carabiner on your bag to indicate any time you’ve got the gun in the bag.


Leave guns in your car to avoid a UCW charge at Texas airports, and ensure thorough bag checks before reaching security. If you spot a gun, return it to your vehicle before reaching the X-ray machine. By being vigilant, you can minimize the risk of legal issues, fines, and being placed on a no-fly list. 

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