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Residents, their families and staff members of The Legacy Senior Communities recently gathered together to observe the Jewish holiday of Passover at The Legacy Preston Hollow in Dallas and The Legacy Willow Bend life care community in Plano. This is a significant time to reflect on and give thanks for the freedom that is central to the Jewish faith. The Legacy Preston Hollow hosted a traditional Seder on the first night of Passover, while The Legacy Willow Bend held a special Seder the second night of Passover. During the Seders, participants commemorated the ancient story of the Israelites’ deliverance from slavery and captivity in Egypt.


Bruce Feldman, a longtime supporter of The Legacy Senior Communities, led the Seder held at The Legacy Preston Hollow with the traditional prayers, songs and the four questions.


“This is a deeply moving experience for the residents and their family members each year,” said Michael Ellentuck, President and CEO of The Legacy Senior Communities. “The emphasis on traditions and bonding through a remembrance of our shared heritage and freedom creates a beautiful sense of belonging and unity.”


Cary Rossel, past chair of The Legacy Senior Communities’ Board of Trustees, led the Seder at The Legacy Willow Bend with his brother Rabbi Seymour Rossel who played the guitar and sang with guest, Joyce Greenberg. Cary discussed the importance of reflecting on this historical account of the Israelites’ fleeing Egypt and celebrating their escape from bondage. Brandon Harris read the four questions in Hebrew while Brennen Bliss translated in English. Seders were held in all levels of care–independent living, assisted living and memory support–to ensure all members could participate in a formal celebration of the holiday. Sherrie Stohl led the residents in memory support, while Eli Davidsohn led those in assisted living.


“It is always a special time when we can bring our residents, their families and our staff together to celebrate a holiday as important as Passover,” said Andrea Statman, Director of Development of The Legacy Senior Communities. “It was a wonderful opportunity to share our traditions and history while looking toward the future with a renewed sense of appreciation for our freedom.”


At each community, a Seder plate displayed symbolic food items that correspond with elements of the story of the exodus from Egypt. The karpas (green vegetable) reminded participants of the green flourishing vegetation of new life in spring, the saltwater symbolized the tears shed by Jewish people during the time of their enslavement in Egypt and the matzah represented the rushed departure from Egypt.

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