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Lorrie Smith and Jeff Levine, Founder of the 8 x 8 Art Auction at the Museum of Biblical Art, and Scott Peck, Museum Director and Curator

Over 250 art enthusiasts, dressed in "country chic" flocked to the 4th annual "8x8 Art Exhibition and Auction" at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas in support of its educational programs.

The Texas casual event was chaired by Kristi Kirkpatrick, Owner of Wall Gallery. Guests enjoyed the music of country swing band Shoot Low Sheriff, food from Cattleack Barbecue, a wine pull and wine tasting salon presented by O'Neill Vintners, and bidding on mini-sized art -- just in time for Christmas and Hanukkah gifting.  

Scott Peck, Museum Curator and Director, pronounced the evening a great success. "The event was a complete sellout of over 110 works of art, with 36 artists from across the country present to meet the guests and bidders," said Peck.

Fabulous art highlights this year included: Jane Seymour's "Open Heart Angel" - special to the museum from the multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winner; J. D. Miller, Dallas contemporary painter; Alvar Suñol, Spanish painter and sculptor; Ruth Buzzi, American comedienne and actress and her husband, actor Kent Perkins; Victor Bregeda, Russian surrealistic painter; Marton Varo, Italian Sculptor; George Tobolowsky, sculptor in metal; Morton Rachofsky, sculptor; and Jeffrey Brosk, New York artist working with exotic wood. Numerous other Dallas/Fort Worth and Texas artists' work were featured including Henrietta and Rome Milan, KAT, Jeffrey Miranda, Robert Fobear, Henrietta Milan, Maria Sheets and Fred Villanueva. Special works by Gib Singleton and G. H. Rothe were also available during the silent auction.

Guests included Patti Sparkman and Laura Sparkman, Ruth Buzzi and Kent Perkins, Julie and George Tobolowsky, Kristi Kirkpatrick, Tracy and Kirk Kibler, Lorrie Smith and Jeff Levine, AraDona and Julia Stjenstrom, J. D. Miller, Jeffrey Brosk, Suzan and Sam Tyuluman, and Henrietta Milan and Tal Milan.  

The event draws its name from the small works of art, each measuring only 8 inches by 8 inches, which this year included a wide variety of paintings, sculpture, glass, photography and works on paper. Over 100 artists participated with the starting bid at only $100 for pieces valued at $400-$5,000 retail.

The intriguing theme of 8 x 8 came from Jeff Levine, owner of, who created the event in 2010. He said, "It began as a small idea in a conversation I had with Rabbi Rvi Drizin of the Intown Chabad. The number 8 is a symbol for the Hebrew word for life, which is Chai," said Levine. "So, 8 x 8 is a double portion of life or a doubly-blessed life."  

According to Peck, "This annual event raises funds for all our educational programs throughout the year - field trips, Summer Art Camp for Kids, Heroes of History Field Trips, and special workshops we offer for both kids and adults. It's a great opportunity to see the museum, learn about emerging contemporary artists and purchase some fine art at reasonable prices."



The Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas,Texas is unlike any museum in the world.  It has a simple mission:  to display art with a Biblical theme.  It is one of the few museums in the country that is devoted to Biblical themes.  It was established in 1967 and named the Museum of Biblical Art in 1999.  Nothing of its size exists in the United States, making it a treasure trove for art enthusiasts. Diverse types of art are exhibited including bronze sculpture installations, drawings, fine prints, and oil paintings. Specialized galleries have been created for Biblical Archaeology, Jewish Art, Religious Architecture, Israeli Art, African American Art and Hispanic Art.

The Museum is a cultural crossroads, utilizing art for tolerance and understanding reflected in the various archaeological exhibits and decorative art from Israel and the Holy Land.  The MBA's vision encompasses the classical arts with a call to beauty which emphasizes the Biblical figurative art illustrating the narratives of the Bible, and a call to the study of classical Greco-Roman art, archaeology and architecture.

Museum featured artists Include:  John Singer Sargent, Marc Chagall, Jacques Lipchitz, Ben Shahn, Paolo Veronese, Francesco Guardi, Agam, Kathe Köllwitz, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Emil Nolde, James Tissot, Oskar Kokoschka, Bernard Buffet, Andy Warhol, Everett Shinn, John Marin, and many more. 


The MBA - Museum of Biblical Art

7500 Park Lane  

Dallas, TX 75225



Across from North Park

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 to 5:00  

Late night Thursday until 9:00 PM  

Sunday 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

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