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It’s no secret that most start-ups fail. While there are tons of experts touting the secrets of success, Start-Up lawyer Mishty Deb understands that fundamentals are where most start-ups fail. According to Mishty our current start-up environment emphasizes speed over substance and therefore too many don’t take the time to make sure their foundations are strong before they start building their dream homes.

“You would be surprised at how many of my clients never discussed exit strategies with their partners or invest all their time discussing equity and compensation and no time discussing consequences for not meeting the expectations of the partnership. Worse many don’t even clearly discuss what the real expectations of the partners are.”

Mishty also notes that often startups end up in legal troubles because of the feeling that they can skip these tried and true steps of forming a company.

But that is not all. Ms. Deb notes that learning how to grow and develop a brand is an art, which in large part is about gaining backing from investors, influencers, and partners. All to often the art of pitching and planning are critical to gain support from others. Learn more about starting your own business with the 10 business basic focused workshops at this year’s Sharks In Heels conference SharketteCON.  From setting up a corporation, patents/trademarks/coprights, writing a good business plan, social media marketing, pitching, financing and much more. August 12-13 at the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas training center: 6001 Summerside Drive Dallas, Texas 75252. Tickets available at: or on eventbrite:

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