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Encourage a Lifelong Love of Learning
Premier preschool prepares children for success in school and life

From the moment children are born they start learning, and research shows that the first five years of a child’s life hold the most potential for cognitive development. It is essential that young children get the education and care they need during this time to maximize their learning and development. 

Primrose Schools® offers a caring and nurturing environment where children receive a high quality education through its proprietary, research-informed Balanced Learning® system. This proven approach to learning balances academics, play and character development and is based on the leading philosophies in early education, including those of Montessori, Piaget and Vygotsky. The Balanced Learning curriculum nurtures children’s academic, social, emotional, physical and creative development, helping them build a well-rounded foundation of skills to be successful in school and later in life.

“We know that the first five years of a child’s life are the most formative in terms of brain development and opportunities for learning,” said Dr. Pratiksha Rigley, Franchise Owner of Primrose School of Parl Cities. “The Primrose curriculum has been specially crafted to maximize learning that focuses on the whole child, nurturing character development alongside academic lessons, to help children build the foundation they need to reach their greatest potential.”

However, learning doesn’t stop outside of the classroom. Parents are encouraged to support their child’s learning at home by providing opportunities for her to explore and investigate the world around her. Here are some fun activities you can do with your child to fuel her excitement for learning and her cognitive, physical and social-emotional development.

  1.  Create something together: Piece together puzzles to exercise decision-making and critical thinking skills. Toddler-through-kindergarten students at Primrose participate in Noggin' Joggin'® activities like this every day at school to help stimulate reasoning, memory and concentration. You can also make simple crafts together to encourage creativity and imagination. 
  2. Write a story: Practice and apply language and literacy skills in a meaningful way by writing a story with your little one. Get your child’s input on the storyline and ask him to add the illustrations. Primrose focuses on developing children’s listening, speaking, reading and writing competencies, appreciating the value of literacy for enjoyment and as a means of communication.
  3. Play outside: Toss a ball or chase each other in a game of tag. The American Heart Association recommends that children get at least an hour of physical activity every day to stay healthy and grow strong bones and muscles. The Primrose Thumbs Up!® curriculum incorporates fun physical activities into daily classroom experiences to help children learn and develop important physical skills and a love for being active0
  4. Plant a garden: Teach your child about nutrition and the science of how things grow by planting a fruit and vegetable garden at home. Children are more likely to try foods that they’ve helped prepare, so make sure to involve them in planting, watering and preparing food from the garden. At Primrose, students tend to a garden called the Primrose Patch. 
  5. Model good character: Parents are the most influential teachers in their child’s life. Model compassion, kindness and generosity for your little one and involve her, when you can, in simple activities. You can volunteer at an animal shelter, bake zucchini bread for the local fire station, or share veggies from your garden with a neighbor. Primrose students participate in hands-on giving activities, such as collecting books for local hospitals, through Primrose Promise Giving? Events. 

 To learn more about the many benefits of enrolling your child at Primrose School of Park Cities, please visit or call 469-941-6033.

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