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In the middle of the Cedars neighborhood in Dallas, stands a meager building of cinder blocks.  The parking lot doubles as an eating area, as the building only has enough space for a kitchen with a take-out window.  But in this kitchen, lives are changed.

Sandwich Hag has been rated as one of the Top Restaurants in Dallas by Bon Appetite magazine.  In addition to fresh, delicious curry and Bahn Mi sandwiches, Chef-Owner Reyna Duong is a fierce advocate for people of ALL abilities.  She has been recognized in numerous publications for her work in promoting the employability of adults with special needs. When a friend told her about Notre Dame School, Chef Rey requested a tour of our school.  After witnessing the vocational training we do here at NDS, Rey immediately said, "I want to hire one of your students. And I want to pay them for their work. How quickly can I get a student into my kitchen?" 

One of Chef Rey's current employees is Juan, a vocational student at Notre Dame School.  Juan started at NDS when he was 12.  He's now 21 and ready to work. Rey is coaching Juan on the fine art of Vietnamese cooking and uses only the freshest ingredients.  Chef Rey is tough. She doesn't cut corners on her food and has high expectations of her employees.  

Read the full story of Sandwich Hag here.  Then go online and place your takeout order for the best curry and banh mi sandwiches in Dallas.  We applaud Chef Rey for her work as a small business owner who actively seeks to employ adults of different abilities.  Thank you, Chef Rey, for your partnership with Notre Dame School. You can find Juan at Sandwich Hag every Wednesday and Friday morning.

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