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On Wednesday, March 30, Notre Dame School of Dallas welcomed Bishop Edward Burns on one of his first tours of the 37 schools in his diocese.  Bishop Burns was installed in February as the eighth bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas. 

Bishop Burns greeted every student and staff member of Notre Dame School with a warm smile and extended hand.  As he toured and chatted with students, Principal Theresa Francis explained the mission of Notre Dame School which is to educate students with developmental disabilities and help them to become contributing members of society.  Francis also noted that while the school was founded by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, its population is only one-third Catholic. 

Bishop Burns responded with, “We serve them not because they are Catholic, but because we are Catholic.” 

Notre Dame School educates students with developmental disabilities and facilitates their integration into society.  As the only school in Dallas exclusively serving this student population, Notre Dame is a unique educational resource in our city and provides special education to 158 students ages 8 to 21.  Notre Dame School is a Catholic school and is sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

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