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It’s finally summer here in North Texas! With the rains giving us a break, it’s time to get out and survey what the very wet spring has done to our homes and gardens. Chances are there are a few things you’ll want to do to protect your home investment. And if you don’t want to attempt these things on your own, get a referral for a trusted contractor from a MetroTex REALTOR.

  • Inspect around the foundation. Rain may have washed away mulch or dirt or piled it up in places you don’t want. You should have about six inches of exposed foundation to discourage termites and other insects from taking up residence in your walls. Remove any mulch or dirt that is higher than that or add more if needed in low spots. Remember to add a slight slope to any dirt you do replace so that water drains away from the house.
  • If you noticed water pooling in your yard this spring, think about how you could address the issue. Some solutions could be adding dirt to low spots, installing French drains, or creating a rock garden.
  • Trim, baby trim! All of the rain has made for some impressive displays of greenery. But it’s important to keep that growth in check. Trim away any vegetation to keep it at least a foot away from the structure. Consider raising the lower canopy and trimming your trees to prevent storm damage. Pay attention to dryer vents and other drains to make sure they aren’t obstructed by plants. Also make sure there isn’t growth crowding your AC compressors.
  • Clean out those gutters. Storms may have filled your gutters with leaves and debris, so go out and have a look. While you’re out there, don’t forget to check downspouts and extension joints, too. Replace or tighten any loose gutter straps and add downspout extensions if you find that water isn’t draining away from the foundation.
  • Check for wood rot and water damage around windowsills, doorjambs, shutters, fascia boards, and any other trim – especially around chimneys and garage doors. Paint or replace wood that is showing wear.
  • While you’re at it, inspect fences, decks and pergolas for rot and water damage. It’s a good time to re-stain where needed.

Protect your home and keep up your curb appeal this summer. If you want more advice about maintaining your home’s exterior, ask a MetroTex REALTOR.

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