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If you’re planning to remodel your home, it’s a good idea to make sure the new styles you’re choosing aren’t already on the way out of fashion. Design trends wane after a few years, so chances are if you’ve liked a particular look for some time, it’s not the most current style any longer. Here are some popular looks that are quickly going the way of avocado colored ovens.

Polished stainless steel appliances were an absolute must until very recently. But the highly polished surfaces have proven to be less than ideal for families and busy cooks who don’t want to have to worry about fingerprints and smudges. Look instead for new colorways, including metallic like black stainless steel, copper, or bronze. Also gaining popularity are matte finishes in black and slate. In the right design, fun retro-cool colors are also an option.

Glossy brass or chrome fixtures will label a home “builder grade” in a big way. Upgrade your faucets, door knobs and other fixtures with a more on-trend matte finish or mix matte black with brushed gold for a luxe look.

Medium to large-sized square tiles especially in travertine aren’t are current as large format rectangular or subway tiles in porcelain or marble. Porcelain tiles that imitate other materials (think linen, grass cloth or wood) are hugely popular, as are dimensional wall tiles that provide texture and visual interest.

Granite counters are beginning to lose their 30-year reign as a must-have for upscale spaces. Gaining ground are low maintenance materials like engineered quartz, thick glass slabs and concrete. Mixing materials lends a visual interest, too. Some designers are opting for butcher block islands with quartz or marble counters in the rest of the space.

Cherry or mahogany cabinets, though sumptuous, don’t lend a modern vibe as much as newer finishes. That doesn’t mean you have to paint them all white, which is a popular trend right now. Use a mix of materials and colors in cabinets, and don’t shy away from having different upper cabinets from those on the floor. Or go for a textured finish, such as one that uses a simple striped wood grain for a striking visual impact.

Monolithic plain painted walls are giving ground to more interesting accents. Use a large format graphic patterned wall paper, a striking piece of art, or an interesting architectural feature to personalize a space and create interest.

Remember, the key to good design is to err on the side of over-simplification. Cut down on clutter to let your really nice pieces stand out. Mix in natural materials and solid colors with muted or matte finished metals to provide a calm and relaxing space. And most of all, do your research before you start so you don’t date your home before you get started.

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