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Lumedia Musicworks The Last Haw Royer.png Directed by Derrick Robert Brown, the short was filmed at the historic White Elephant Saloon in Fort Worth, Texas.

The artistic team at Lumedia celebrates their second and third award for the short film The Last Haw, a silent western featuring the dynamic 17th-century harpsichord music of Royer.

Winning in two categories, the film is awarded Best Comedy Music Video and Best North American Music Video at the 2022 International Music Video Awards (IMVA). The film also won Best Comedy Music Video at the 2022 Munich Music Video Awards. Both are IMDb qualifying competitions.

The IMVA awards ceremony with live screening will take a place on January 28, 2022 at Tabán Art Cinema, BUDAPEST.

Previously in 2021, Lumedia received an IMVA honorable mention for short film Eternal Source of Light featuring two Handel arias spun into a story of friendship, directed by Eliza Polly Smith.

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" data-provider-name="YouTube">In addition to live concert programming, Lumedia creates short films inspired by early music. Their latest project features one of the best “big, trashy French” harpsichord pieces, meaning highly dramatic, idiosyncratic, and over-the-top, as explained by harpsichordist Molly Hammond.

Artistic director Julianna Emanski elaborates: “We love trashy French harpsichord music, especially Royer’s. Listening to Le Vertigo for the first time, for some reason, scenes of the wild west popped into my head. They stuck. We agreed that this piece should become a silent western.”

Directed by Derrick Robert Brown, the short was filmed at the historic White Elephant Saloon in Fort Worth, Texas. Parts of the script were improvised in the moment. The title of the film The Last Haw came up unexpectedly as the Bartender threw down her apron and spewed the line “You’ve yee’d your last haw!”.

The Last Haw is an example of how Lumedia fulfills its mission to bring early music to life, and reach a wider audience through unexplored mediums. “This award takes that effort to a global audience and expands our organization’s reach in a new way,” said Brown.

Lumedia Musicworks, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, makes their short films available to watch at no cost on their website ( and YouTube channel ( Donations are greatly appreciated. 

See the group perform live in Dallas on March 21, 2022 for Bach Birthday Bash.

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