Jack Harris was used to living with pain. His were not just periodic tinges or annoying aches but constant, searing back pain. It started after physical wear and tear of being a Dallas Police officer forced him into early retirement from law enforcement and over the years developed into a full-blown, unrelenting agony, which never stopped hurting.


Jack refused to give in to this crippling pain. Since he was fortunate to have health insurance at his job at the Atomic Energy facility in Los Alamos, New Mexico, he decided it was time to fix this problem. He did his research on the treatments for spinal injuries and was examined by several medical experts who informed him he was a good candidate for spinal fusion. Unfortunately, after this surgery was scheduled, an insurance glitch forced the postponement of the procedure. This turned out to be one of those “blessings in disguise.”


It was about this time when Jack discovered Dr. Scott Blumenthal and Texas Back Institute. It was a meeting which would change his life forever. As this video clip will reveal, Jack decided to make several decisions which would test the mettle of anyone.


Rather than succumbing to the arbitrary decisions of his health insurance company he used his life savings to personally pay for a procedure which it refused to cover. He decided to control his health care.  In the process, he learned, first-hand about the advantages of the Texas Back Institute boutique medicine practice, the cutting edge technology of artificial disc replacement and the amazing skill of Dr. Scott Blumenthal.


Do You Have Five Minutes?


Here's Jack story. It takes less than five minutes to tell and  it shows what can happen when patients take control of their healthcare and how it affects the rest of their lives.



What About You?


Jack Harris is a lucky man. First, he had saved enough money for his retirement and this allowed him to follow his instincts and put his trust in a brilliant surgeon and organization which has only one focus – the health of its patients.


His story is extremely compelling and it has been gotten the attention of news media. Click here if you would be interested in learning more about the journey of Jack Harris as written by “D” Magazine.


If you would like more information on the unique services of the Boutique medicine practice of Texas Back Institute, click here.

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