Dallas Cultural Progress Grant Funds Free Guitar Instruction for Young Students



Guitar instructor with Oak Cliff Non-Profit receives Cultural Projects Program-Special Support Grant from the City of Dallas’ Office of Cultural Affairs, will offer free guitar lessons for Dallas students in summer 2017. Learn more about Dallas’ programs and grants here:

Jess Garland Medlock is a Dallas based recording and performing artist, who has been teaching guitar since 2005.  She is currently an instructor at La Rondalla, a non-profit that provides free after school music education to children ages 7-18, who would otherwise not have access to music instruction. Learn more about La Rondalla here:

 The city grant will provide funding for beginner guitar workshops for new students every weekend during the summer months of June and July. Students need not have a guitar to participate in the program and all lessons/workshops offered under the grant will require no monetary contribution from participating families.  Beginner workshops will be offered three hours each day on Saturday and Sunday from on Saturdays from 11AM-2PM and Sundays from 2PM-5PM.  These workshops are ideal for students interested in playing guitar with minimal to no experience. In addition, individualized instruction will be available via 30 minute sessions for non-beginner students to further their abilities.  Private lessons will be scheduled on an individual basis to meet individual needs.  All participating students will be taught to read music, an ability that can be evolved to allow them to learn any instrument in the future.

Enrollment in either program will provide students access to music lessons, community performances, art exhibitions, and cultural awareness via exposure to artistic diversity at WAAS in Fair Park/South Dallas.  WAAS is a unique and exuberant new voice within the Dallas art community and is dedicated to co-creating exciting, relevant, and innovative work from significant artists hailing from local and international markets. Founded by Brandy Michele Adams, WAAS believes that art is a true catalyst for social well-being, personal growth, and all aspects of positive change. (

Space in the programs is limited. Students will be accepted based on need (lack of music education in current school or community) and on a first come, first serve basis.  Jess is currently accepting more applications as there are still openings for Saturday class.  Lessons started on June 3, 2017.  To apply, contact Jess Garland Medlock directly,  For more information about Jess, visit

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