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Naming Donor is the Energy Transfer Family of Companies


         Mercy Street Sports, the sports ministry of Dallas-based Mercy Street, a Christian based non-profit organization, hosted a groundbreaking ceremony on a nearly $1 million soccer complex in West Dallas. The event was held Wednesday, March 1 at 4:00 p.m. at 3500 Goldman Street, Dallas, TX 75212. The new facility will feature one regular-size soccer field and two futsal fields and will allow Mercy Street to further its mission to provide safe after-school activities to the children of West Dallas.

            Local businesses, provided a total of $959,200 for the construction and operation of the soccer complex. Naming sponsors, Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco, LP, both belonging to the Energy Transfer family of companies donated a total of $459,200 to fund the construction and operation of the soccer field. In addition to Energy Transfer, The Texas Rangers, FC Dallas, Texas Capital Bank, AdvoCare and The Real Estate Council each donated towards the construction of the two futsal fields. Futsal is a modified form of soccer that uses a smaller field with five players per team.

“This incredible donation from our local business community allows us to further our mission of building future leaders within West Dallas and bringing positive change to the children that live and play here”, said Trey Hill, Executive Director of Mercy Street. “We are also grateful to the Dallas Housing Authority for the donation of land in order to continue to grow our programs. Our soccer program has grown exponentially since it began, and we are proud to have a field that matches the spirit of what this program allows us to do for the kids of West Dallas.”

“We believe that the focus of Mercy Street and the programs provided to the children who live in West Dallas are invaluable”, said Kelcy Warren, Chairman and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners. “By directly supporting their efforts with the construction of this new soccer complex, the community at large will also benefit. Because of the central location of these athletic fields, schools and community centers throughout the area will be able to utilize them as well. We hope the children will be proud to have a safe place to practice and play for generations to come.”

The soccer fields will be adjacent to the Texas Rangers MLB Youth Academy at Mercy Street Sports Complex, presented by Toyota which opened four of its five fields last year and will complete construction on the fifth field and 38,000 square foot Globe Life Training Center in September. Additionally, future plans call for the construction of a football stadium that will round out the programs offered by Mercy Street.

            Mercy Street, Inc. started in 2003 with a mentoring program as the main vehicle for reaching the community and building future leaders in West Dallas to ultimately bring positive change to the area. Realizing the needs reached beyond mentorship, Mercy Street decided to add sports as part of their programming and in 2005, Mercy Street began Mercy Street Sports as another vehicle to serve and impact the community of West Dallas. Today, Mercy Street Sports has multiple sports programs throughout the year that focus on building strong healthy youth and families through sports.

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