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The capital campaign, started in January 2015, has been remarkably successful. In addition to the contributions by donors, a technology grant from the Hillcrest Foundation ensures state-of-the-art technology systems will be in the classrooms and throughout FBA's campus. High-speed internet and wifi will run throughout the building with a dedicated student network. Classrooms will have 21st century technology like touchscreen interactive TV’s and smart projectors, as well as new ipads and laptops available for use in the classrooms. Additionally, FBA is thrilled to announce the construction of new baseball and softball stadiums to be completed prior to the upcoming seasons! FBA is thankful to the Riggs family for their generosity. Ricky and Rachel Riggs and Ricky’s father, Don, have fulfilled a need that the school was not expecting to be satisfied so soon by donating funds for the state-of-the-art Richard F. Riggs Baseball Stadium and the Clara R. Riggs Softball Stadium. The new baseball and softball stadiums will be among the best in the state. The plans include covered bleachers, a 20' wall in the baseball outfield, and lights. The school's master plan calls for the academic buildings to be expanded eastward, and before they could begin Phase 2 building, the baseball and softball fields needed to be shifted. By placing the new softball field in the location of the current baseball field, they are able to create the additional space needed for future expansion. Head of School, Jason Lovvorn, said, "We are so excited for this upcoming school year and the abundant blessings that continue to surprise us from God, our contributors, and families."

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