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Enterhealth, a science-based alcohol and drug addiction treatment center in Dallas, is on a mission to help the public better understand addiction. Many people do not understand how to determine if they or a loved one has a problem, and many have questions about when to seek professional guidance. As part of its launch of a new educational initiative, Enterhealth is offering a private, complimentary advisory session for anyone in D/FW and the surrounding area over the summer. The goal is to provide guidance and credible information to families facing the challenges of addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is a treatable brain disease– a complex, chronic and progressive medical condition requiring innovative, science-based diagnostics and the highest quality treatment and care. For almost a decade, Enterhealth has provided a medically driven alternative to traditional 12-step programs at its world-class residential and outpatient facilities. Enterhealth’s approach combines the latest advancements in medicine with evidence-based therapies to dramatically increase chances of long-term recovery. The talented team hopes to inspire those who may need help, or see a loved one in need, to come forward and talk to a trained staff of physicians, therapists and nurses.

“We are in the business of helping people,” said David M. Kniffen, Jr., president and chief executive officer of Enterhealth. “Taking the first step isn’t easy, and we understand that. It can be very hard to come forward and admit you have a problem. That’s why we are offering this complimentary session for those seeking guidance and clarity. Enterhealth may not be the best fit for each person, but we want to be a resource to guide people in the right direction with a plan that works for them. This evaluation may be the pivotal step on the journey to recovery.”

Addiction is not the result of a moral failure or weakness and with proper treatment the chance for a successful recovery is high. Enterhealth offers a multi-pronged approach, including advanced medical treatment, medical detox, dual diagnosis, anti-addiction medication therapy, neuropsychological and psychiatric assessment and treatment among others. The medical team is always looking for new, advanced ways to positively impact patients.

“Millions of people worldwide suffer from addiction, and we are taking steps to assist them in overcoming this disease,” said Dr. Maria Elizabeth Weidmer-Mikhail, psychiatrist at Enterhealth. “We hope that people in the Greater Dallas area take advantage of this free session.  It is open to anyone, but you have to be over the age of 18 to attend. If you’ve noticed something that makes you concerned about friends or family members, please tell them about this session. It may be their first step in getting the help that could save their lives.”

For people interested in scheduling a complimentary session, call (214) 890-6744 or email

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