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The Dallas based advocacy group is responding to social media and other attacks from the convicted DUI offender and Senior Software Delivery Manager at AT&T 

Dallas, TX - (EMAILWIRE) - Dallas Justice Now (DJN), a social justice activist group dedicated to ending institutional racism and creating opportunities for the black community in the city of Dallas, is responding to racist attacks by a senior AT&T employee and a DUI offender Casie Tomlin who was arrested and charged  by Plano Police Department on 01/25/2016 – see case number 002-80509-2016.

The employee has attempted to attack DJN on numerous occasions including by making a $3 donation to DJN only to claim the Dallas based organization is a scam a few minutes later. 

Additionally, Casie Tomlin continued to harass DJN by calling the police to report the organization without evidence or reason. 

“Dallas Justice Now will not stand by when our integrity is questioned by a woman who is the embodiment of white privilege and white fragility. Casie Tomlin has 2 recent DUIs and yet she works for one of the most powerful companies in America. Does anyone believe a black woman would be afforded the same opportunities? Now, Casie Tomlin continues her racist attacks against the DJN community because she is upset that we are asking her and other wealthy white folks in the Park Cities to actually make sacrifices to end institutional racism,” said Dallas Justice Now spokesperson Michele Washington. 

“The Dallas Justice Now community will not be deterred by these racist and hateful attacks. We will continue our mission to advance the cause of making our city more just,” she added. 

About Dallas Justice Now

Dallas Justice NOW is a member-driven project of activists, researchers, and local leaders dedicated to making the city of Dallas more just.

DJN’s ambition is to tackle the root causes of institutionalized racism in the city by remedying the injustices that occurs on a day to day basis like police brutality and access to quality education.  For more information, go

Media Contact
Michele Washington 
spokesperson, Dallas Justice Now Organization


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