Save Texas Kids is demanding that Dallas Children’s GENECIS clinic commit unconditionally not to perform chemical castration on eight-year-old James Younger.
Save Texas Kids

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX – (EMAILWIRE) -- The aftermath of an August 4thorder by Judge Mary Brown, which gives James’s mother, Anne Georgulas complete power over his schooling and counseling is “disturbing”, according to the Save Texas Kids’ organization President.

Ms. Georgulas has, according to press accounts, pushed for James to be referred to by a feminine identity “Luna” and is pursuing “gender transition” options. 

Save Texas Kids had the following comment:

“It is cruel to conduct chemical castration- also known as ‘hormone therapy’ on a young child. It is even more sick to do so against the wishes of one of his parents. These procedures have been banned or restricted in other developed countries such as the UK, Sweden, and Finland because of their cruelty and irreversibility. Our understanding is that one of facilities that performs such procedures- one where James has been seen- is the Dallas Children’s GENECIS Center. We call on Dallas Children’s to state unequivocally that they will NOT perform ANY procedures on James Younger without the consent of the father.

Furthermore, we ask the GENECIS Center to limit their clinical engagement, and to offer counseling services only.

Board Members Dotti Reeder of Tolleson Asset Management, Robbie Briggs of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s, Collum Clark of the George W. Bush Presidential Center and Charles Koetting of C-KOE Metals must recognize that they are responsible for Dallas Children’s activities. We ask that they act to stop these cruel procedures.”

About Save Texas Kids

Save Texas Kids was created by a group of concerned Texas parents to make sure ALL students have the opportunity to get a great education—it is headed by Natalie Cato, mother of a teenage girl and a school age boy with special needs. The group is passionate about standing up for vulnerable children as well as making sure that parent's rights are respected.

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