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They say a picture is worth a thousand words but for Church of the Incarnation, one word is sufficiently enough to carry across the meaning of their big event on Tuesday, September 6 – Gather. 

Churches always strive to be a place for people to meet, talk and worship. But Church of the Incarnation wants to be more than that. It hopes that by gathering people for events like this, it will become a present and active contributor to the developing culture of the neighborhood by providing better and more frequent opportunities to serve the community through ministries of mercy and justice.

Gather is a photographic gallery event that will bring together three local, prominent photographers – Lauren Larsen, Shaun Menary and Andrew Shepherd – and put some of their best shots on display for the public to admire. Several of their pictures will be available for purchase and a portion all proceeds will go towards Dick Granger Neighborhood Ministry, which seeks to provide financial assistance to families in need.

Larsen is a fine art wedding photographer and portrait artist with an interest in lifestyle photography. A specialist in telling stories through her pictures, she sees life around her as a series of still images. Some of her clients include ABC Radio, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Women’s Health Alliance.

Shepherd is a man driven by music with a background as a musician and graphics design. He is currently working on a plethora of projects locally and nationally. Some of his clients include The Dallas Observer, The Washington Post and The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Menary is a wedding, portrait and travel photographer who travels the world as both a photographer and a musician. Rather than forcing his subjects into poses, he prefers to capture them in the moment and in the moments between the moments. He has taken pictures in scenic and historic locations around the world. 

So take some time to gather at Church of the Incarnation on Tuesday to see, share and talk about the photographs on display. Get to know your fellow neighbors and continue to help the community grow and strengthen. And most of all, help a great cause and become a part of something bigger than any one person.

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