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Yesterday, BubbleLife wrote about how the city of Dallas is having budget town hall meetings and even a virtual budget town hall meeting so residents can express their concerns about the new FY 2011-2012 budget proposal. And Oak Lawn and Uptown residents have one major concern on their minds.

The new budget proposal calls for the relocating and storage of certain firetrucks. The current plan involves moving nine firetrucks and putting one in reserve - all of which will save the city around $9 million. For the residents of Uptown, though, this presents a problem as the rumor is that ladder Truck 11 - stationed in Cedar Springs - is one of the trucks being moved.

The rumor is that Truck 11 will go to Dallas Fire Department Station No. 40 in Duncanville. Residents are bent on stopping this. They've created a Facebook page (Save DFD Truck 11), a petition (Angela Hunt: Keep the fire truck at Station 11), and even a website (Save Truck 11). It will remain to be seen if they can convince the city to pick a different fire truck.

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