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The longest streak of consecutive 100-degree temperature days for Dallas-Fort Worth wasn't broken thanks to an unexpected cold front that swept in last Thursday. However, that cold front only made it a day before it was swallowed by this Texas heat wave, as the 100-degree days continue for DFW - the 10-day forecast has next Wednesday (August 24) as the next possible day of less-then 100-degree temperature.

The National Weather Service has predicted that Texas won't be rid of this heat for some time and has placed the state in "exceptional drought" status through the end of October. However, some experts are saying that there is a possibility of the drought conditions extending all the way till Spring 2012.

If this happens, Dallas is likely to have to implement State 1 of the Drought Management Plan. The trigger for Stage 1 is when the water supply dips below 35-percent. Currently, the water supply is 18-percent depleted, so there is still plenty of time and water until residents need to start worrying.

However, the city has asked for its residents to voluntarily comply with the Stage 1 restrictions. Those include:

  • The mandatory restriction of landscape irrigation to a maximum of two days per week
  • Restricting operations of ornamental fountains and ponds
  • Restricting washing of vehicles to hand-held buckets except for commercial car washes
  • Foundations may be watered on any day of the week with a soaker hose or a hand-held hose equipped with a positive shutoff nozzle during the hours of 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Dallas Water Utilities Director Jody Puckett said, "Currently, the system is operating as designed and with the help of our customers' increased water conservation efforts, we may be able to delay further actions in our Drough Management Plan and help alleviate some pressure on the State's electrical grid. The precautionary measures and water awareness will help ensure that the City of Dallas can continue to deliver safe, dependable drinking water to all our customers."

For more information on using water wisely and the Drought Management Plan, visit www.savedallaswater.com.

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