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Tom Bazzone and employees.

With its fabulous fine art galleries and sophisticated showrooms, Dragon Street is the place to go in Dallas if you’re looking for unique home furnishings, decorations and more.  And this Saturday, October 1st is the perfect opportunity to visit the hopping street in the Design District. From 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, the public is invited to “Design on Dragon,” a street-wide party and art/design walk. Guests will be able to sample hors d’oeuvres and sip on drinks while they stroll through the numerous galleries and showrooms that will be open during the event.

While “Design on Dragon” will celebrate its 14th year this weekend, it will be Green Living’s first time participating in the event. The store, which sells earth-friendly goods for the home and garden, is still relatively new to the area.

In February of 2011, owner Tom Bazzone moved Green Living to its current Design District location from its previous spot in Lakewood. Bazzone, who bought the store from its original owners back in 2008, knew a change in venue and inventory would benefit the business. One of his first decisions was to stop selling apparel and gift-related items. 

“People don’t walk around saying ‘Hey, feel this shirt, it’s organic cotton.’ But when people come to your home, you say ‘Hey look at this beautiful floor we just put down, or look at this beautiful color we have on our walls,’ it becomes more socially relevant and creates that buzz,” Bazzone said.

Instead of shoes and t-shirts, Bazzone now stocks the shelves with home improvement products and other goods. Customers can purchase eco-friendly flooring, paint and countertops or quality furniture made from natural materials. There’s still a whole line of housekeeping supplies, gardening materials, kitchen wares, and bed and bath products, too.

Though Bazzone isn’t a native Dallasite (he hails from Boston), he knew right away that the Design District would be an ideal site for the store.

“When you come down to the Design District you are typically thinking about doing something to your home,” he said. “You’re either looking for art or furniture or raw materials for some kind of new or remodel construction. That’s my target customer, someone who just moved into their home and they are thinking about wanting to expand, remodel, redecorate. A lot of people get into the car and come down to the Design District looking for resources, so this is where we belong.”

Bazzone said that despite being a fairly new addition to the area, he has already become very involved with local events, like Saturday’s “Design on Dragon” party, and still manages to attract a variety of customers.

“We want to appeal to everybody,” he said. “Whether the person comes in with the Escalade stretch version, burning gas like it’s going out of style, but really feels passionate about using eco-friendly paint to somebody who is running a community garden in North Oak Cliff and wants to buy organic fertilizers and soil."

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