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There’s nothing like pulling out that clunky suitcase and packing it full of clothes, swimsuits, and sandals.  The anticipation of a week of relaxing without the stresses of work and other responsibilities.    The excitement of dashing through the airport to catch a flight and escaping your hometown for some exotic locale.

For most of us, summer vacations are pretty much the highlight of, well, summer.  It’s our time to get away, to discover new cultures and taste traditional, foreign foods.

But as summer winds down, perhaps you didn’t have the time or maybe the funds to jet-set across the globe this year.

You’ll get your chance to escape tonight, without having to worry about crowded airports and up-to-date passports.

Baboush, a Moroccan-inspired market and bar will open at 5pm today, Monday August 8th

The restaurant, which is inspired by the baboush (markets) in Morocco, will serve Lebanese, middle-Eastern, and Moroccan dishes and is located in the trendy West Village area. 

Along with the traditional meals, guests can also enjoy cool modern jazz and other Moroccan-Eastern Mediterranean music.  The décor will also transport you across the Atlantic: expect intricate designs, exotic lanterns, opulent textures and fabrics, and walls awash with bright, bold colors.

And owners Sam Benoikken and Yaser Khalaf are no strangers to the restaurant industry.  Both run the Medina Oven and Bar located in Victory Park.  With such experience at the helm, Baboush is certain to be a pleasing experience and culinary treat for Uptown residents.

So if you’re mourning that vacation that you didn’t get to take this summer, there’s no need.  Just head to Baboush and experience a Moroccan getaway without having to shell out the big bucks or sit through a long-haul flight.

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