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The police and detectives are still searching for the man who attacked and raped a woman in the Knox-Henderson area nearly one month ago. But, the attack has left residents of the area fearful and seeking some form of security.

KDAF-TV reported that some people are calling out for surveillance cameras to be installed in the area to decrease the threat of crime. Uptown recently had surveillance cameras installed and the crime rate has fallen by 37-percent.

In an interview with KDAF-TV, Liz Lambe, a worker at The Pear Cup, said, “I think surveillance would definitely help. I mean, if people know and are aware that there’s security around, they’re not going to be as likely to cause the crimes that they’ve been doing.” 

Dallas Police have agreed to monitor the Knox-Henderson area via surveillance camera if the businesses and residents pay for the $15,000 cameras. Those cameras could be invaluable, as Detective B.J. Watkins, who is investigating the initial crime, is worried about the attacker striking again.

Watkins said, “Will he repeat or is this a repeat offender, most likely so. When will he repeat? That we don’t know.”

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