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The city of Dallas is calling on all its residents to enter the “Dallas Great Streets” visual essay contest during the month of August. The hope is to pull ideas from the collective community on ways to improve future road development. 

According to the Dallas Complete Streets website, “the 2006 forwardDallas! plan recognized that in addition to moving vehicles around the city safely and efficiently, streets should also be designed for everyone: young and old, walkers and wheelchair users, motorists and bicyclists, bus and train drivers. The Complete Street project is intended to shift the city’s emphasis to building streets that are safer, more livable and welcoming to everyone.”

So, here is what the city wants from its participants:

  1. Create a future Complete Streets Vision for the Dallas community
  2. Develop a comprehensive Complete Streets design manual with clear directions on how to create more livable and welcoming streets
  3. Demonstrate and test how these changes would work in real-life examples – on streets we all know and use

Dallas will be offering workshops and open houses where participants can share ideas and comment on other’s proposals. To learn more about this project and sign up to be a part of it, go to the Dallas Complete Streets website.

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