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Residents in Uptown searching for a thrilling experience were looking forward to the opening of The Dallas Waves Park, a $4 million whitewater course built alongside the Trinity River. But, even though the project is now complete, thrill-seekers won't get a chance to try the attraction out due to it being deemed too dangerous.

WFAA.com reports that the city of Dallas spent millions of dollars to build concrete dams to generate the whitewater rapids...only to learn they had over done it and made it too extreme. The rapids are more powerful than expected, even in areas that were supposed to be considered calm.

So, the city has shut down the attraction for now and are seeking an outside engineer to oversee the changes and make sure the course is unsafe. Unfortunately, city officials believe the cost to fix their mistake will run another $100,000. Even worse, the timetable for the reopening of the park is at least a year away.

Not the best start for seemed to be a promising attraction to bring more attention to North Texas rivers.

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